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    I am expecting twins- need your thoughts and suggestions plz

    Hi everyone

    I have 3 children: Matthew James (7), Noah William (5) and Ava Grace (2). I am expecting twin girls :) who are due in 4 weeks. These are the names we like:


    We would love your thoughts on these names and any other suggestions you can offer. Twin combinations would be great too. We would like their names to 'match' our other children...nothing random like London or anything :-)

    Thanks xxx

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    Re: I am expecting twins- need your thoughts and suggestions plz

    Congratulations -- what an amazing family! And naming twin girls: I don't think there's a more fun naming challenge.

    I don't know whether this is deliberate, but several of your name have a French feel and/or origin. To me it seems as if those should be paired up. If you want two names that "match" by starting with the same letter and by origin but are very different in feel and even sound, you could go with Chloe and Charlotte -- very pretty. Gabrielle and Isabelle are a more obvious pair -- you could also do Gabriella and Isabella. And Dominique and Madeleine go well together too. Really, you could do any pairing of these six names and it would sound great.

    The two names that DON'T fit in this group to me are Caitlin and Hayley. Even though they go with the names of your other children, I think of them both as names that were very popular in the 80s and 90s and are dropping fast now. While your other children's names are definitely in the stylish group, they're stylish RIGHT NOW, not 10 or 15 years ago. So a popular name like Isabelle or Chloe would "match" the others in terms of style.

    Jasmine and Yasmine are different versions of the same name so you wouldn't want to use both. Yasmine and Isabelle are kind of interesting together. I can't wait to hear everyone else's ideas!
    Pam Redmond

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    Re: I am expecting twins- need your thoughts and suggestions plz

    I like Madeline, Isabelle, and Chloe...I agree with the last poster that Hailey and Caitlyn really do not mesh well. Other suggestions...Amelia Hope and Delilah Faith...I love these two names for sisters and they go well with Ava Grace. The first names I have heard together before used by someone famous...but not too famous...I am not sure of their name but maybe someone else will know ...The middle names some may say are unoriginal but I really like them and wanted to suggest them to you anyway!!! GOOD LUCK! Post when you decide what you are going to name those sweet twin girls!!!

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    Re: I am expecting twins- need your thoughts and suggestions plz

    My personal favourite out of your list is Charlotte and Chloe. I love both those names and I think they're in the category of names that suit a cute toddler just as well as a professional woman. I also love them together. I think they have the right balance between going together (same first initial, same origin) yet they're two distinct names and they're not matchy matchy.
    Congratulations and let us know what you decide on! :)

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    Re: I am expecting twins- need your thoughts and suggestions plz

    With Matthew James (7), Noah William (5) and Ava Grace (2). I am enchanted with:
    Madeleine & Charlotte. They stylistically "match" you other children but don't macth in & of themselves, which is lovely for twins. (I have twin boys myself: Leo & Simon, hence my thinking on non matching twin names)

    If you wanted to go a bit less classic/more trendy feeling, Scarlett & Isabella would get my vote. Again keep them seperate, name wise. It's bad enough they'll be lumped together as "the twins" by family all their lives. Let them stand seperately somewhere before adulthood!

    Some other suggestions:


    Hope that helps and good Luck!

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    Re: I am expecting twins- need your thoughts and suggestions plz

    I agree with Lola. Madeleine (great spelling, by the way) and Charlotte are great together and go well with your other children's names. I think Madeleine and Isabella go well together too.

    What about Madeleine Claire and Isabella Rose? They both have similar popularity ratings as Ava, but are classic and gorgeous too.

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    wow! Lots of babies for you! I'll just give my initial opinions on the names you chose they are all beautiful, but just a little bit popular for my style.

    Gabrielle- I love Gabrielle, but I don't like Gabby. Maybe Elle as a nn?
    Chloe- really like it a lot.
    Annika- #1 choice out of all of them. It's beautiful, different, and feminine. I also love the meaning
    Caitlin- I'm not fond of names with Lynn, lyn or in at the end for some reason. I also thin Cait is a little plain.
    Hayley- pretty plains/popular to me
    Jasmine- beautiful
    Isabelle- I feel like everyone and their mothers are a Belle/Bella/Isabelle these days
    Dominique- I love this name. I love the -que at the end.
    Charlotte- I use to love this name, but it is waaaaayyy too popular. However lots of nn. Lottie, Charlie, Char, Lettie
    Madeleine- beautiful name, but kind of plain
    Yasmine- really like it

    Like I said, they are all beautiful. But, I'm a jessica coming from a land of Jessicas, so I always have an adverse reaction to popular/trendy names
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    Congrats on twin girls! Here's my thoughts...

    Out of your names, together I like:

    Chloe and Scarlett - I think these two fit great with your other children.
    Gabrielle and Dominique
    Charlotte and Madeleine
    Charlotte and Isabelle

    I also like:


    Some twin sets out of your choices and my suggestions:

    Nora and Olivia
    Elowen and Sophie
    Josephine and Olivia
    Mavis and Isadora
    Maribelle and Theodora
    Lucille and Madeleine
    Chloe and Josephine
    Scarlett and Coraline
    Gabrielle and Theodora

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    I like Annika and Isabelle for some reason. I just really love that combo.
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