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    Quote Originally Posted by essjay View Post
    #28 - Elizabeth and William (though Libby and Billy would be far too matchy as nicknames, hmm...)
    But wouldn't Liza and Will be darling?
    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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    I went to school with
    Cora and Dora
    Kara and Kristen
    Margaret and Katherine
    Colin and Ashley
    Butch and Meredith

    Looking at the boy list, I like:
    Alexander and Nicholas
    Benjamin and Samuel
    Noah and Jonah
    Jacob and Joshua

    I didn't like any pairs on the girls list or the boy/girl lists, there are names I like individually, but wouldn't pair them with the ones they were paired with on the lists.

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    I know Thomas and Patrick, Laura and Kate, Maria and Kevin, and triplets Peter and Zophia (Zoe) and Molly.
    Catelin Geneva
    10th grader

    Top Combos: Rowena Story and Atlas Fox

    Circe ; Isolde ; Freya ; Sansa
    Magnus ; Casimir ; Ronan ; Atlas

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