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    Baby Girl names...

    We are having the hardest time coming up with a girl name nor less 2! If they are boys there names will be Daton James and Kagen Gage. My Hubby insist on the name
    Zayah Brielle for a girl... I do like it but I don't want it to be "way out there". All the names I LOVE (Pressley, Lexi, Rysley, Tessi) don't go with our last name ending in "sley". I also LOVE the name Emeri for a girl but my mom HATES IT! I thought Emeri and Avery would be adorable twin names with the nicknames Emma and Ava...What do you think? I don't even know if I could even go there with all that my mom has said about the name Emeri... Hummm???

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    Re: Baby Girl names...

    Emeri is completely adorable. So is Avery. I love them! Plus the nicknames are cute. It's your baby, not your mom's. Have fun with names!

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    Re: Baby Girl names...

    Some of the girls' names you mentioned are cute! Would you consider using them as nicknames for longer versions that go better with your last name?

    For example, for Lexi, you could go with Alexandra, Alexis, Alexa, etc.

    Tessi sounds like it could be a nickname for Tessa, which is itself a nickname for Theresa, though I think Tessa can stand alone these days. Desi sounds similar to Tessi, and it could be short for Desiree or Destiny. I could also see it as a nn for Odessa or Desdemona--but those might be more "out there" than you want!

    Rysley--I'm guessing on the pronunciation, but I assumed you say it with a long I? In that case, I think it could be used with any name that has that "rye" sound in it. Here are some I thought of:
    Mariah (or omit the M for Ariah or Arya)
    Ryann, Ryanne
    Sariah (related to Sarah)

    I couldn't think of anything for Pressley, but you probably get the picture by now! Avery and Emeri are also nice choices. I agree with Realpraise--choose names that you and your husband love, not ones your mother loves. She already had her chance to name babies, now it's your turn!

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