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    what is your opinion on Dodge as a first name? It's our front runner, and has been for months, but we're not deciding for sure until he's born. It's a family surname and I know it's a nickname for Roger, but I really hate Roger. Anyway, I've always liked funky names. I like this because it's definitely unusual but isn't too out there. And as a middle name I love Rokeby, I think Dodge Rokeby is certainly quirky, but hopefully not tooo weird. I don't know, we have a lot of other options, but that has been my favorite since I thought of it. I'd appreciate opinions though.
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    Re: Dodge

    Normally I'm not a huge fan of non-name type names, but I actually quite like Dodge. If it's a family name as well, then go for it. It's also not going to be something he'll have to spell out forever. As far as the middle name is concerned, I think pretty much anything is fair game - that's where you get to be really creative in my opinion.

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    Re: Dodge

    Dodge as a word is a brand of car and a word used at least somewhat often, nevermind the game: dodgeball. I can see the appeal of a family surname but this one is one I'd definitely use as a middle. It's got a bit too much unlikable baggage for me.

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    Re: Dodge

    I think Dodge would work better as a middle name than a first name, IMHO. I agree with Lola's thoughts on it. But I really, really like Rokeby...terrific choice! Quirky but not too strange. Unfortunately, that too seems to work better as a middle name than a first name. I wish you luck in choosing your son's name. :)

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    I like it. You are right about it being quirky. Most people will think it's too much.
    It's a nice modern way to get to roger for me. He sounds like the main character in a kid's book. It's got that short snappy cool appeal.
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    I think it's fine as a nickname, but personally I wouldn't put it on the birth certificate as the official name. Aside from the car reference, my immediate association is with the word "dodgy", which (at least in Australia) is often used to describe something shady/bad/illegal etc...

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    I like it in theory, especially since it's a family surname. However, I've been in England for the past month or so and just think of the word "dodgy."

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