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    What goes with...


    We're just about set on Leo for our son's name...middle names are proving a challenge!

    Any ideas for what sounds good with Leo?

    Here are my parameters:

    *A J name would be nice, in that we would be naming for a deceased family member.
    *Last initial is P, and it would be great if his 3 initials together didn't spell an obvious word (I know--weird, but it's a thing I have!)
    *Nothing too out there...I like names that are easy to say and spell (obvious, given our choice of first name), even for a middle name. But unique is okay too.

    Some of the ideas we're tossing around:
    Leo Jasper
    Leo Jonathan
    Leo Henry
    Leo Meyer (family name)
    Leo Miles
    Leo August (though spells LAP when used with last name...)
    Leo Aaron (same issue as above)
    Leo Charlie (I just can't bring myself to like Charles, so even though Charlie is really a nickname, I like it)
    Leo Simon
    Leo Edward

    Thoughts? I feel like we've been through the baby name books a million times and now we're just circling! Only a few weeks to figure this out!

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    Re: What goes with...

    HI! I figured I could help, as I have a Leo of my own (he's an adult in his own right now but he's still mine!) :D
    In fact, you have a combo on your list with both my boys : Leo Simon. So of course that sounds incredibly handsome to me!

    But I really liked Leo Jasper P. and think Leo Edward is pretty handsome too.

    I wanted to suggest a few more J names you might have overlooked:
    Leo Julian and Leo Jonas. Both simple, not too uncommon but not too weird either. (My own Leo is Leo Sebastian) I'm particularly enamoured of Leo Julian, both because the J honors for you, but I like the three syllable Julian with the two syllable Leo. I also think Jasper, while nice, is going to get far more popular in the future thanks to "Twilight" the book series & movie. Julian works much more nicely. I also like his slightly softer feel next to the powerfully masculine simplicity that is Leo. Such a grand little name, no? :)

    I also liked Leo Miles from your list. Miles was what my third child would have been, had she been a he. ;) Leo Meyer is sharply handsome as well. I like his sound and his feel. And if the surname is a family one, all the more wonderful to pass on. (My own kids have family surnames in the middle)

    So, in order of Likes, for me:
    Leo Julian
    Leo Meyer
    Leo Jasper
    Leo Edward
    Leo Simon
    Leo Miles

    I can't get into Leo Charlie, he sounds like an old WWII call sound :Foxtrot, Leo Charlie... you know. He sounds a bit too military for my liking. (and my partner is a former Army man himself)

    Some other, far more random suggestions:
    Leo Tobias
    Leo Jamison
    Leo Thomas
    Leo Bernard
    Leo Geoffrey
    Leo Frederick
    Leo Vincent
    Leo Christopher
    Leo Willoughby
    Leo Barnabas
    Leo Laurence
    Leo Edmund (instead of Edward)
    Leo Malcolm
    Leo Quentin
    Leo Simeon (instead of Simon)
    Leo Raphael
    Leo Graham
    Leo Damian
    Leo Benjamin
    Leo Timothy

    Anything? Well, I hope that helped a little at least! Good Luck! And I think you've made a fine choice with Leo! Whichever way you go, you'll have a winner!

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    Re: What goes with...

    If I were going to name my son Leo, I would name him Leopold. I am in love with that name. His middle name would be Andrew, but there are tons of other middle names that could go with Leopold-Arthur, Charles, Philip, James, Henry, for example.
    I love the name Leo, too! Leo James, Leo Clayton, Leo Frederick, Leo Charles (I like this one a lot!), Leo Nicholas.

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    How about Leo James? As soon as I read your post this name popped into my head. Also, if you like J names you could try Jared, Jace, Jason, Joffrey, Jacob...

    Of your choices the ones I like the most is Leo Jonathan and Leo August (which would be a really cool name because most people born in August have Leo as a zodiac sign).

    Hope it helps!
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