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    brother or sister for Kylie and Mackenzie???

    I need help on a name for a brother or sister for my daughters Kylie and Mackenzie. I am not sure on the sex of the baby yet but I am looking for something that is easy to pronounce, spell, and not too far out there. LOL :) I grew up with a name that I hated and got teased about quite a bit and I definitly do not want that for my child! So I am looking for a name that fits in with the crowd yet I would not want 4 other kids in class with the same name....Any suggestions are appreciated!!

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    Re: brother or sister for Kylie and Mackenzie???

    Some thoughts, trying to stay a bit masculine for boys and a bit girly for the girls.

    Now for boys:

    Riley (like Riley Poole from "National Treasure", more uncomon for boys than girls right now, but almost a fair split)

    For girls:

    Hope that helps!
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    Re: brother or sister for Kylie and Mackenzie???

    THanks for the suggestions! Carson is one of my top two choices for a boy!

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    Re: brother or sister for Kylie and Mackenzie???

    I don't have a lot of specific suggestions, but here are requirements for the names that will make them sound good together:
    -Ends in an ee sound (Katie, Janie, Perry...)
    -Surname name (like Mackenzie) or
    -Modern invented name (like Kylie)
    -Sounds upbeat, high-energy and feminine (Arleigh)

    -Decidedly male
    -Not too serious (bye-bye Edward and John)
    -Stylish (Jacob, Michael, Christopher)
    -No place or word names, though surname names work (Carson)

    Anthony, Carson, Macy, and Arleigh sound pretty good.

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    Re: brother or sister for Kylie and Mackenzie???

    Seems Lola and I have some ideas in common here on names. With Kylie and Mackenzie both ending in -ie, it almost seems jarring to name a third girl something that doesn't have the same ending. I like the name Leslie in particular, from Lola's list for girls. One of my major story characters is named Leslie; and I had a friend in high school with the name, though she turned out to be a fair-weather friend, unfortunately. But I don't associate the name with the's been a quarter-century plus since we went separate ways. Anyhow, to get back on track, it's not too common and not trendy at all, and would be a terrific addition to the family.

    With a boy I don't think the name ending is as imperative as with a girl. In which case I just love Roarke. (Okay, I am the last living "Fantasy Island" fan in America, but I love it anyway.) It's dignified and different, and again, not trendy. (Guess you can see a pattern here...)

    There are, of course, lots of other good choices presented, but Roarke and Leslie are my two personal favorites. Logan is future stepson "once removed" has that name, but he has just started kindergarten and there is another Logan in his class, which tells me the name is being rather overused. Maybe Rogan would work. Just some thoughts.
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