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Thread: Prince/Princess

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    I saw this posted on another name website and thought it would be fun.
    The idea is to come up with a sibling set of royalty names.
    I'm going to copy and paste my names from that website for an example.

    Prince Orrin Maxwell Thomas Jerrick
    Prince Alasdair Nicodemus Demetrius Barrett
    Princess Kalliope Edeline Megara Faith
    Princess Allegra Evolette Katherine Joy

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    lola Guest

    Re: Prince/Princess

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    bostonian girl Guest

    Re: Prince/Princess

    Here is a whole family I came up with for stories I have posted online. They are from a fictional Scandinavian country I created.

    Prince Arnulf Isak Felix
    Prince Carl Johan Lukas Erik
    Prince Christian Carl Tobias
    Prince Gerhard Thomas Olaf
    Prince Rudolf Harald Reinhold
    Prince Roald Helmer Olaf

    Princess Anna-Laura Charlotta
    Princess Anna-Kristina Maria Linda Karina
    Princess Gabriella Katarina Susanna
    Princess Margareta Hjrdis Benita
    Princess Cecilia Lovisa Irmelin

    And those are just the first two generations... :)

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    Re: Prince/Princess

    Prince Matthew James Alexander
    Prince Noah William Xavier
    Princess Ava Grace Elizabeth

    These are just my children's names with an extra middle name :)

    But for a totally original Princess one, I love:

    Princess Amelie Rose Evangeline Belle

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    Re: Prince/Princess

    a name nerd lovin' the classics
    an old fashioned girl in a modern world

    George ~ Thomas ~ Alexander ~ Harry ~ Louis ~ William
    Eliza ~ Beatrice ~ Louisa ~ Eleanor ~ Harriet ~ Amelia ~ Amelie ~ Rose

    Vote on my ever growing namelist!?

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    Re: Prince/Princess

    I only have time right now to do one of each:
    Prince Rupert Dionysus Hector Jake
    Princess Perdita Lilliana Ambrosia Pearl

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