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    Cheaper By the Dozen

    Thats right folks...12, count em...12 kids!
    This game has two parts...

    Part 1. Choose Family Structure (A B or C)
    Option A:They are all yours, but you had mulitple sets of mulitples.
    Quints: (thats the word for 5 of them right?)
    Identical Triplets:

    Aption B...Half natural/Half Adopted
    Six natural: B/B/G/B/G/G. (All single, no mulitples)
    Adopted: 2 from Russia, 2 from Africa, 2 from Asia
    (For the adopted children, use a name suitable for thier country of origin (first or middle)

    Option C The Blended Family

    A widower with 5 kids marries a divorcee with 7.
    Mix em however you want B/G, but the names from the groups have to flow together...
    Ex: All Biblical names or all French, names all have one letter in common, names all end with the same sound, names all start with the same letter, names all mean similar things.

    Name them whatever you want...
    The only rule: If you use 2 middles, give everyone two middle names.

    This should be challenging, but fun...feel free to post more than can do all three options if you want, just post em seprately please.

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    Part 1. Choose Family Structure (A B or C)
    Option A:They are all yours, but you had mulitple sets of mulitples.
    B/B Dean Michael & Emmett Philip
    Quints: (thats the word for 5 of them right?)
    G/G/G/B/B Philppa "Pippa" Catherine, Victoria "Tori" Adele, Charlotte Virginia, Liam Ross, & Dominic "Nico" Matthew
    B/G Henry Joel & Chloe Sophia
    Identical Triplets:
    G/G/G Indigo Rose, Gypsy Karma, & Sienna Willow

    ♥ Clara Dean Lucy Dominic ♡

    Feel free to ask me anything about saints names

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    What's your name? Christina Monique.

    What's your husband's name? Pascal Jonathan.

    What's your baby's name? Atia Nicole.

    What's your baby's name? Dresden Alexander.

    What's your baby's name? Cyder Ann.

    What's your baby's name? Elodie Beth.

    What's your baby's name? Harvey Nathaniel.

    What's your baby's name? Margaret Thomasine.

    What's your baby's name? Mini Vasilisa.

    What's your baby's name? Tillie Allison.

    What's your baby's name? Seraphina Elise.

    What's your baby's name? Yvaine Ashley.

    What's your baby's name? Chloe Charlotte.

    What's your baby's name? Dashiell Fabian.

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    B. Reid Elliot
    B. Russell Henry

    G. Isadora Jane
    G. Georgiana Josephine
    G. Juliette Cecelia
    B. Jasper Dylan
    B. Jesse Gabriel

    B. Nate Daniel
    G. Leah Violet

    Identical Triplets:
    G. Ivy Leilani
    G. Jasmine Fleur
    G. Primrose Lotus

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    Half natural/Half Adopted

    Natural Son: Tristan Blaise

    Natural Son: Lionel James

    Natural Daughter: Eve Viola

    Natural Son: Zane Bennet

    Natural Daughter: Phoebe Noelle

    Natural Daughter: Genevieve Scarlett

    Adopted Russian Daughter: Katia Ivona

    Adopted Russian Daughter: Anja Natasha

    Adopted Asian Daughter: Li-Mei Xiu

    Adopted Asian Son: Jun Shui

    Adopted African Daughter: Nahla Ebele

    Adopted African Son: Kito Negasi

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