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    Cheaper By the Dozen

    Thats right folks...12, count em...12 kids!
    This game has two parts...

    Part 1. Choose Family Structure (A B or C)
    Option A:They are all yours, but you had mulitple sets of mulitples.
    Quints: (thats the word for 5 of them right?)
    Identical Triplets:

    Aption B...Half natural/Half Adopted
    Six natural: B/B/G/B/G/G. (All single, no mulitples)
    Adopted: 2 from Russia, 2 from Africa, 2 from Asia
    (For the adopted children, use a name suitable for thier country of origin (first or middle)

    Option C The Blended Family

    A widower with 5 kids marries a divorcee with 7.
    Mix em however you want B/G, but the names from the groups have to flow together...
    Ex: All Biblical names or all French, names all have one letter in common, names all end with the same sound, names all start with the same letter, names all mean similar things.

    Name them whatever you want...
    The only rule: If you use 2 middles, give everyone two middle names.

    This should be challenging, but fun...feel free to post more than can do all three options if you want, just post em seprately please.

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    Re: Cheaper By the Dozen

    I'll start by doing all three options, posted seprately.

    B: Gabriel Aaron
    B: Michael Allen

    G: Jaqueline Lace
    G: Cassandra Lynn
    G: Victoria Louise
    B: Alexander Lewis
    B: Benjamin Lee

    B: Preston James
    G: Paige Jasmine

    Identical Triplets:
    G: Eden Cathrine
    G: Audrey Corinne
    G: Olivia Camille

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    Re: Cheaper By the Dozen

    The Adopted Family

    B- Kyson Graham
    B- Thayer James
    G- Nadia Danae
    B- Bryce Mitchell
    G-Keturah Anne
    G- Lysandra Jade



    B-Alexi Illarian
    B-Nikolai Kazimir


    G-Kamaria Chinwe "Kam"
    G-Xolani Dubaku "Lani"


    B- Lonh Vinh (Vietnamese)
    G-Mai Tien (Vietnamese)

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    Re: Cheaper By the Dozen

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    lola Guest

    Re: Cheaper By the Dozen

    Easiest for me to do the multiples since I've had a teeny bit of practice there!

    Leo Sebastian Coe/Simon Ambrose Nash (they fit, might as well use the real ones!)
    Josephine Rosamel Anne/Ottoline Alice Marigold/Beatrix Poppy Elinor/Cassius Barnaby Rex/Remus Edward Xavier
    Casimir Amadeus John/Clementine Lily Ariadne
    Identical Triplets:
    Viola Cynthie Leontine/Iris Francesca Mary/Lilias Annegret Joy

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