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    Cool Dice Game without any namebanks

    Tell your story for 20 years. Roll the dice every year to TTC or for a life event! Give as much detail as you want or little at all. Feel free to add pictures of houses or children
    1. You get pregnant with triplets (roll for gender, even=girl odd=boy)
    2. Boy
    3. Girl
    4. Girl
    5. Miscarriage (go to life events)
    6. Twins
    7. Boy
    8. Boy
    Life Events: (if you need children for the life event to able to you and you don’t have any roll again)
    1-1: You are unexpectedly pregnant with triplets (roll for gender, even=girl odd=boy)
    1-2: Your family learns how to ski
    1-3: You and your SO take a vacation without any children.
    1-4: You take in a pregnant teenage girl and while she is living with you, she decides she wants you to be her child’s guardian.
    1-5: One of your children breaks their arm. What’s the story behind it?
    1-6: You adopt a cat
    1-8: You adopt a baby boy with cerebral palsy
    2-1 You go to a concert with your SO
    2-2: One of your children (if old enough, at least 16) has a baby or gets someone pregnant. (Roll for gender even=girl odd=boy)
    2-3: One of your children dates someone you don’t like. (if not old enough, roll again)
    2-4: You adopt a baby boy that is deaf
    2-5: One of your children needs eye glasses (roll again if you don’t have any kids yet)
    2-6: You or your SO’s family member dies and leaves you their house in Boston.
    2-7: You family moves to another country. Why do you move?
    2-8: You are unexpectedly pregnant with girl twins!
    3-1: You are unexpectedly pregnant with a baby boy!
    3-2: Your family moves to another state
    3-3: You and your SO separate but within a year you find a lovely new partner. Your partner has __ # kids (roll for #, genders even=girl odd=boy, and ages) what are their names?
    3-4: You take a vacation with your family to an island. Where did you guys go?
    3-5: You adopt an animal.
    3-6: You when a small lottery, you win 1,000,000 dollars.
    3-7: You adopt a baby girl from the United States
    3-8: You run a marathon with a friend
    4-1: Your family hosts an exchange student. Where are they from?
    4-2: Your family moves to another city
    4-3: You or your SO’s family member dies and leaves you their beach house. Where is it?
    4-4: You are unexpectedly pregnant with boy twins!
    4-5: You catch one of your children sneaking around.
    4-6: You or one of your family members has a scene in a movie or TV show! What movie/show and what is your role?
    4-7: You adopt twins from Japan
    4-8: One of your children joins soccer.
    5-1: You are unexpectedly pregnant with quadruplets! (roll for gender, even=girl odd=boy)
    5-2: You and your SO learn another language
    5-3: New people move into the house next to yours. Are they bad or good neighbors?
    5-4: One of your children becomes serious ill. How does this affect your family (if you don’t have any children, then another family member)
    5-5: A family member dies and leaves you and SO $10,000,000 in his/her will. What do you do with the money?
    5-6: One of our children gets in trouble at school, what happened?
    5-7: Your long-time best friend has a baby and chooses you and your SO as their guardian. (roll for gender even=girl odd=boy)
    5-8: You or your SO gets laided off, what do you do?
    6-1: Your family moves to Europe
    6-2: You are unexpectedly pregnant with a baby girl!
    6-3: You meet your favorite famous person. Who is it?
    6-4: You start an affair and have an illegitimate child from that affair. Do you keep it a secret? How do things work out? (roll for genders even=girl odd=boy)
    6-5: You adopt a baby girl with a disability
    6-6: You or your SO start a new job
    6-7: You and your family take a cross-country trip from coast to coast with stops along the way. Where do you guys stop?
    6-8: You adopt a baby boy from England
    7-1: You learn a new skill
    7-2: One of your family members moves into your house. Why?
    7-3: You start a blog or write a book. What is it called and what is it about?
    7-4: You are unexpectedly pregnant with boy and twins!
    7-5: You make a new friend. Who is it and where did you meet.
    7-6: You and your family take a vacation to Europe. How long and where do you go?
    7-7: Your childhood friend dies in a car crash and you become the guardian of her 2 children. (you can choose age and gender)
    7-8: You adopt a dog
    8-1: You have a family day, what do you guys do?
    8-2: You move into a bigger house
    8-3: Your family is involved in a car accident. Does everyone survive?
    8-4: One of your family members joins the military
    8-5: You open a business. What do you call it? What is it?
    8-6: You are unexpectedly pregnant with triplets (roll for gender, even=girl odd=boy)
    8-7: You are interviewed on a talk show! What show is it? What did you do to be interviewed?
    8-8: You and your family take a trip to Disney world
    List your family!

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    DW: Sydney Elise Franco DH: Seth Matthew Franco married in 2025
    2026: We decide to adopt a baby boy with cerebral palsy, Jude Dawson.
    2027: We decide to move to Lexington, Ma because I will be working at Boston’s Children hospital.
    2028: I become pregnant with a baby girl, Elliott Grace.
    2029: I become pregnant with a baby boy, Grayson Oliver.
    2030: I adopt a 1 year old baby girl Arden Meredith
    2031: I become friends with another mother in the neighborhood, Gwen. She has a 3 year old baby girl (Miriam) and 1 year old baby boy (Joel)
    2032: Gwen and I prepare for our first marathon. I am so excited; I always said I would do one.
    2033: I take in a pregnant teenage girl I met at work and while she is living with us, she decides she wants Seth and I to be her child’s guardian. A couple months later Conrad Theodore is born and joins our family.
    2034: My childhood best friend has a baby and chooses Seth and me as his guardian. Spencer Chase joins our family
    Age check:
    Jude is 8
    Elliott is 6
    Arden is 5
    Conrad is 1
    And Spencer is 3 months
    2035: We move into a bigger house to fit our family.
    2036: I am pregnant with girl triplets, Lilliana Rayne, Charlotte Elise, and Aurora Mae.
    2037: I go to a Bob Schneider concert, finally with Seth and my parents
    2038: We get new neighbors and they have 4 children. Elliott becomes good friends with their 10 year old son, Carter. They also have a 9 year old daughter Adelyn, a 5 year old son, and 3 year old daughter. We have a party with their family, Gwen’s family, and our family. Miriam, Elliott, and Carter become really close.
    2039: 22 I learn sign language.
    2040: The triplets get casted as extras in a movie.
    2041: Your childhood friend dies in a car crash and you become the guardian of her 2 children, a 13 year old boy, Cassius Robert and a 6 year old girl Eloise
    Age check:
    Jude is 15
    Elliott is 13
    Arden is 12
    Conrad is 8
    Spencer is 7
    Lila, Charlie, and Rory are 5
    2042: We take a vacation to Europe; we visit Italy, Germany, Poland, and England.
    2043: We adopt a baby girl with cerebral palsy, she is 5 and her name is Peyton Rae
    2044: I meet a family that has a daughter with cerebral palsy, the mother and I become friends
    2045: We take a family vacation to Disney world
    2046: I am interviewed on Ellen , because she heard about our wonderful big family. She is amazed that most of our family start from all over and then made their way to our family
    My family:

    Jude is 20
    Elliott is 18
    Cassius is 18
    Arden is 17
    Conrad is 13
    Spencer is 12
    Eloise is 11
    Lila, Charlie, and Rory are 10
    Peyton is 8

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    1: Scarlett Aurelia was born.
    2: A friend has a son and adopts him to Jenna & Jim. His name is Judah William.
    3: I learn how to play the guitar!
    4: Scarlett breaks her arm while ice skating.
    5: Nathan Philip was born.
    6: The family hosts an exchange student from Israel.
    7: The family moves to Washington, D.C.
    8: Mara Eleanor was born.
    9: The family takes a trip to Ireland.
    10: Noah Sawyer was born.
    11: Unexpectedly Jenna finds out she's pregnant! Mira Jade was born.
    12: Jenna & Jim go to a Spice Girls reunion concert.
    13: Jenna has an affair and get pregnant with Aurora June. She doesn't tell her husband.
    14: James finds out about the affair and they separated. Jenna meets a new man with 5 children. His name is Dexter Riley Anderson. Owen John, Atticus Spencer, Archie Abel, Cecily Aria & Ezra James are his children.
    15: Benjamin Everett was born.
    16: Scarlett starts dating her step-brother Owen, much to Jenna & Dexter's dismay. They force them to break up.
    17: Scarlett gets pregnant and gives birth to Kaylie Isabelle.
    18: Jenna has an affair with a dad from the elementary school her kids go to. They have a child and decide not to tell anyone.
    19: Scarlett start up their secret affair with her step-brother again and they have a daughter together. Leia Chloe was born.
    20: Lyla Olivia was born.

    W: Jenna Cameron Anderson [40]
    XH: James William Wilson [41]
    -D: Scarlett Aurelia Wilson [19]
    --XBF: Aaron Robert Michaels [24]
    ---D: Kaylie Isabelle Wilson [3]
    --BF: Owen John Anderson [21]
    ---D: Leia Chloe Wilson [1]
    -S: Judah William Wilson [18]
    -S: Nathan Philip Wilson [15]
    -D: Mara Eleanor Wilson [12]
    -S: Noah Sawyer Wilson [10]
    -D: Mira Jade Wilson [9]
    XBF: Daniel John Chase [30]
    -D: Aurora June Wilson [7]
    H: Dexter Riley Anderson [45]
    -Step-S: Owen John Anderson [21]
    -Step-S: Atticus Spencer Anderson [18]
    -Step-S: Archie Abel Anderson [15]
    -Step-D: Cecily Aria Anderson [13]
    -Step-S: Ezra James Anderson [9]
    -S: Benjamin Everett Anderson [5]
    -D: Lyla Olivia Anderson [nb]
    XBF: Matthew Thomas Samuels [33]
    -D: Cecilia Mae Anderson [2]
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    Noah • Spencer • Judah • Owen • Ezra • Nathan • Archie • Atticus
    Juliette • Aurelia • Yael • Scarlett • Cecily • Aria • Mara • Mira

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    DW: Elspeth Melora
    DH: Niall James

    1. Ivy Matilda is born
    2. Surprise triplets Jane Margaret, Alice Rebecca & Esther Caroline are born
    3. We move from London back to Niall's hometown of Mullingar
    4. Another set of surprise triplets; Ottilie Georgina, Edmund Jasper & Winifred Aurora are born
    5. I run a marathon a friend, Julia Moran
    6. We go on a family holiday to Italy for 5 weeks
    7. Surprise twins Maeve Keziah & Esme Delilah are born
    8. I start a new job as a preschool teacher
    9. Jane is diagnosed with luekemia. She goes into remission 8 months later
    10. Surprise triplets Cyrpian Mycroft, Minerva Isoline & Adeliza Morgana are born
    11. We go on another trip to Europe, this time to Germany, for 5 weeks
    12. A new family moves in next door. They are bad neighbours
    13. A surprise boy; Benedict Matthew is born
    14. We adopt a baby boy, Gideon Claude who has cerebral palsy
    15. Niall and I go to a Michael Buble concert
    16. A surprise boy, Forester Smith is born
    17. Niall and I learn Latin
    18. We move from Mullingar to Aldershot, England
    19. Owen Cato is born
    20. Ginevra Claric is born

    Ivy (20)
    Jane, Alice & Esther (19)
    Ottilie, Edmund & Winifred (17)
    Maeve & Esme (15)
    Cyprian Minerva & Adeliza (12)
    Benedict (9)
    Gideon (8)
    Forester (6)
    Owen (3)
    Ginevra (nb.)
    22. One Direction. Doctor Who. Sherlock. Supernatural. Name lover.

    Young Ladies (Not all): Adelisa, Oriana, Clover, Victoria, Georgina, Amelia, Genevieve, Jemima, Edith, Adelaide, Eleanor, Ottilie, Henrietta, River, Clara, Francesca

    Young Sirs (Not all): Edmund, Rory, Louis, Niall, Frederick, Osmond, Henry, Desmond, William, James, Oliver, Rowan, Wesley, Liam, Zayn, Sherlock, Castiel, George

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    Background: I am Maxine Mary McGregor, when I was eighteen years old I met sixteen year old William Edward Moss and we dated for two years before getting engaged, we wedded quickly not ten months later. Will is a Royal Marine and we live together on barracks in Devon, England; I'm in my first year of teaching at a local primary school.

    Yr1: Through some charity work I do at a children's centre I meet a beautiful baby boy called Alexander James who has mixed cerebral palsy which affects his gross motor skills. Alexander is nearly a year old but hasn't started to crawl yet; he also has a hearing impairment. Over several months I work closely with Alexander, his social worker and foster parents, and fall in love with him. One day Alexander's social worker broaches the subject of Alexander's future, she confides that his foster parents are getting much older and will find it difficult to care for Alexander as he grows, she asks me if I'd be interested in adopting him. I go home that night and talk to Will. He says we should go for it. I am already familiar with Signalong and Macaton, and Will says he will go to classes to learn to be able to communicate with Alexander. It's a long road, but shortly after Alexander's second birthday he officially becomes our son.

    Yr2: As you may imagine, Alexander takes up a lot of my time. I become a full time mum to him and love it. Giving him a sibling isn't in the plan, but alas I find myself pregnant, and just before Alexander turns three we welcome a second son. My first biological child weighs 7lbs 8oz at birth, Will and I name him Tobias Herbert Moss; Herbert being after my wonderful uncle, and Tobias from a joint list we drew up before we were even married! Tobias has lots of dark auburn hair and hazel eyes; contrasting with his brother's blonde locks and blue eyes.

    Yr3: Oh my oh my oh my! With two rambunctious boys tearing up the place I guess Will and I can be forgiven for being a bit forgetful... But I'm pregnant again, and at the first scan we're knocked for six when the doctor reveals I'm carrying twins! My sons are four and one when I'm rushed in for an emergency C-section at 33weeks and into the world comes two gorgeous girls. Finding names for two babies is awfully difficult, but eventually we decide on Octavia Mary Moss and Willow Eleanor Moss, both of their middle names honouring important family members. Octavia arrived first weighing 4lbs 9oz; her sister wasn't far behind and weighed almost exactly the same at 4lbs 8oz, but their appearances were utterly dissimilar with Octavia boasting a tuft of medium brown hair and hazel eyes, and Willow with fair ginger hair and green-grey-blue eyes.

    Yr4: We pack up and move out of the barracks. So much has happened in the last few years that we feel it's the right time to move on and grow even more as a family. Will and I buy a four-bed house in Bristol which has more than enough indoor and outdoor space to comfortably hold us all.

    Yr5: It's Alexander's first year in mainstream school; Tobias starts pre-school and the girls are at nursery four days a week - the celebrate the growth and achievement in our family I persuade Will to let us adopt a cat from the local shelter. We take all of the children down there one weekend and spend hours staring at moggies in pens until we finally decide on one we'd like to take home. Meet one year old Chester (

    Yr6: Will's superiors are sending him on a training mission to Canada; he will be based in Comox for up to 24months and be flown out to countries such as the USA, Germany and India from there. The thought of us being separate for that long is devastating, so we take the difficult decision to move as a family. We find a good sized house in Saanich, British Columbia which Will can easily commute to the base from. I begin to home school the children.

    Yr7: Training over in Canada, we move again, this time to Germany. The children are getting used to this and despite the upheaval I'm pleased that they're getting to experience the world. Our new home is in Rostock, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. I continue home-schooling all four of the children for ease and consistency.

    Yr8: Another year, another country, another move. We're off to India this year which I'm very excited for. Our new house is smaller than what we're used to and New Delhi isn't the most wheelchair-friendly place we've ever been, but the children embrace the Indian culture as I'd hoped they would, and we make do.

    Yr9: Another year, NOT another country, but we do move. We're loving India, but New Delhi is cramped and suffocating. We move to the Maharashtra region of the country, to a larger house on the coast and not far away from Mumbai. The children, especially Alexander, love it here.

    "Max (30) and Will (28) with: Alexander (10), Tobias (7), Octavia & Willow (6); plus Chester the cat (5)."
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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