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    Sibsets I came up with

    Since I'm the one who suggested the idea for the name games board, I'll start the first game on here. This is a game that I came up with a couple of years or so ago that I've shared with some others before. Below are some sibsets that I came up with (they're not real as far as I know) in which the names among the siblings might seem to clash to some. Which of these sibsets are most/least clashy to you? Feel free to comment on them if you like. Genders are indicated in cases where it's not obvious by the name.

    Sibset 1: Ingrid, Seamus, and Emilio
    Sibset 2: Mackenzie (girl) and Catherine
    Sibset 3: Elizabeth and Lysander
    Sibset 4: Mabel, Nancy, and Jaden (boy)
    Sibset 5: Kelly (boy) and Ryan (girl)

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    Re: Sibsets I came up with

    Mackenzie and Catherine are the most clashy to me. I like Catherine. I'd pair her with another royal name like Elizabeth, Eleanor or Margaret. I'm not really a fan of Mackenzie.

    Least clashy to my ears: Elizabeth and Lysander. Almost sounds like a pair of Shakespearean lovers. I know sisters named Stephanie and Elizabeth and that always seemed a bit clashy to me.

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    Re: Sibsets I came up with

    Fun game! I'd say that #1 (Ingrid, Seamus, Emilio) is the most interesting - sure, they're all from different origins, but they all have a sort of underused, but not unfamiliar vibe. I can see #3 working, too - Elizabeth and Lysander - though it's usually more like, say, James and Ianthe - classic choice for the boy, rarity for the girl.

    #2 sounds like Dad named one and Mom named the other daughter, or maybe they decided to honor a beloved Catherine even though it's not really their style.

    #4 is pretty bizarre - Mabel, Nancy and Jaden? I can't imagine it. Ditto Kelly/Ryan in #5, though I suppose I have heard of Avery and Peyton (sister and brother) and similar "Which one is the girl?" pairings.

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    Re: Sibsets I came up with

    Sibset 1- Love it. Exotic (in a familiar way) and they're not going to know any other kid with their name in the U.S. I'd recommend familiar middle names.
    Sibset 2- Yuck. Lucky Catherine (such a pretty name), unlucky Mackenzie. The old and new, the old (and rediscovered), the young (and needs-to-be-retired).
    Sibset 3- Love it all the way. The only thing: Lizzie and... Lyssie? Lysander doesn't have much of a nickname.
    Sibset 4- Grandma, Grandma, and grandson. Nancy rocks, Mabel not so much. And Jaden I don't like anyway.
    Sibset 5- Kelly's going to have some gender confusion with the little Barbie doll. And all those Ryans are going to be boys and little girl Ryan might want to be Ry-Ry or Annie.

    Sibset 3 is the best, 5 & 2 the worst. Creative combos!

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    Re: Sibsets I came up with

    To me, the set that clashes the most is #3, Elizabeth and Lysander. A classic, well-known and beloved name paired with an equally classic, but not-so-well-known and probably-not-too-beloved name. Lysander makes me think of a male ballet dancer, after the obvious reminder of "A Midsummer Night's Dream".

    I actually think set #5, Kelly and Ryan, clashes the least, but I'd name the girl Kelly and the boy Ryan. I don't like boys' names on girls, and Kelly is almost exclusively a girls' name these days. There would be terrible confusion about who's the boy and who's the girl.

    Set #1, Ingrid, Seamus and Emilio, is a really interesting combo. I think it could work for a family with multiple ancestry, who want to honor each different nationality. So of course, clearly this family is Scandinavian, Irish and Spanish in origin. A great way to commemorate one's ancestors.

    Set #4, Mabel, Nancy and Jaden...sounds like Grandma, Mom and son. I know a Nancy and she is a really cool lady, though admittedly her name isn't exactly one of my favorites. Mabel is unquestionably a senior citizen, no matter what they said on "Mad About You". Jaden is too trendy and probably overused anyway.

    Set #2, Mackenzie and Catherine, appeals to me the least. I prefer the latter name spelled with a K (to me, most hard-C girls' names look better with a K instead). I like Mackenzie okay, but it's a surname. My dad grew up with a guy named MacKenzie (surname) and we've been friends through two generations, and that's what comes to my mind every time I see the name, no matter how it's spelled. (Their younger daughter named her little girl Mackenzie, or some spelling variant, I'm not sure which one; but she was honoring her maiden name, not really conforming to the trend.) As another poster said, trendy/popular vs. classic/less popular just doesn't fly.

    Just my thoughts... :)

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