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    CAF (Create a Family) #1

    Ok, I've never started one of these before, So here goes...The idea is to fill in the names of the parents and can name/age them however you want.

    DH: William Benjamin "Will"
    DW:Kathleen Grace "Kathy"

    DD: Julia Celeste (Twins)
    DD:Laila Grace (Twins)
    DS:William Benjamin Jr. "Liam"
    DS:Elijiah Christopher "Eli"
    DD: Oliva Paige "Via"

    I don't know if anyone noticed, but I created names that all had an "L" in them, but yet each name is distinctivly thier own, in one way or another.

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    Re: CAF (Create a Family) #1

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    Re: CAF (Create a Family) #1

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    Re: CAF (Create a Family) #1

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    Re: CAF (Create a Family) #1

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    Re: CAF (Create a Family) #1

    DH - Antonio James "Tony"
    DW - Gabriella Anne "Gabby"

    DD - Sarah Elizabeth (identical twin)
    DD - Leah Grace (identical twin)

    DS - Andrew Thomas (fraternal triplet)
    DS - Benjamin Matthew (fraternal triplet)
    DD - Natalie Rose (fraternal triplet)

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    Re: CAF (Create a Family) #1

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    Re: CAF (Create a Family) #1

    DH: Jackson Tyler "Jackson"
    DW: Michelle Elizabeth "Chelly" (Shelly)

    DD: Ariadne Juliette Eliza (Twins) "Aria"
    DD: Marian Alexis Bethany (Twins) "Mari"
    DS: Marcus Jerome Tyler "Mark"
    DS: Ryan Xavier Jack "Ry"
    DD: Emily Anne Michelle "Em"

    Notice all the kids have some version of one of there parents names as there 2nd middle name.

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    Re: CAF (Create a Family) #1

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    Re: CAF (Create a Family) #1

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