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    My names for Twn Girls WDYT?

    I had a dream a while back that I had twin girls. Twins do run in my family, about every other generation we have a set, so someone (my siblings, my cousins or me) will probably have a set. I have always wanted twin girls since I was a child, so maybe my dream was prophetic or something. I am not pregnant, but it got me thinking about what I would name twins. In the dream one of them was named Eden. I had never thought to use it before, but have loved it since the dream.

    So I decided that if I have twins, one will be named Eden Katherine. I have always loved classic names plus Katherine is a family name on both sides. However I am undecided about the other girl.

    I was thinking about some of these:

    Audrey Corrine
    Leonora Grace (Lena is my GGM's name and would be her nn), but its my least favorite of these names.
    Rosalind Sharai
    Jaqueline Danae
    Laila Grace
    Alexandra Jade (Xandy)

    3 Questions:
    1. Which name fits better with Eden Katherine?
    2. Do you have any other suggestions not on the list?
    3. If the second twin was a boy, what name would you use?

    I don't want another E name, and I can't stand classic names that are too common, like Mary, Margret, Cecilia, Cynthia, Natalie, Bridgette, Sophia (or any variation of these), or most of the overly trendy names: anything unisex (Morgan, Taylor, Madison, etc.), Ava (love Ava, but too common now), Basically anything in the top 20. And please please, not boy names that end in -aden. Caden, Jaden, Hayden...there will be 10 in every classroom soon...

    I was thinking Josiah or Gavriel. I like biblical names for boys, but slightly uncommon ones. Gavriel is the traditional Hebrew spelling of Gabriel.

    Ok, this post is longer than I intended, so enough babble...any suggestions?

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    Re: My names for Twin Girls WDYT?

    1. Which name fits better with Eden Katherine? With Eden Katherine, I quite like Rosalind Sharai (even if Sharai's not my cup of tea, would you consider Sarai, the original Hebrew form of Sarah?). Rosalind has the same open feel as Eden and is just as elegant. Jacqueline feels a bit stuffy next to Eden, Alexandra too bland. Leila's too loose. Audrey's a decent fit but feels more elegant and makes Eden feels a bit hickish to me. And while I adore Leonora Grace (and it's got as much significance to you as Eden Katherine which would be ideal for me), if you don't like it as much as the others, Rosalind Sharai gets my vote (Rosalind Sarai would be gorgeous!).

    If you like Ava but dislike her popularity, would you consider simple Eve? Eve would compliment Eden and would fit in nicely elsewhere.

    From your boys, I'm a sucker for Gavriel. I have the Russian form (Gavriil) is my famiyl tree but find Gavriel easier for most to say. It's snappy and handsome. Josiah's nice but I much prefer Gavriel. For # 2 : Some other somewhat uncommon Biblical boys names:


    3. Me? I'd happily name a boy Balthazar, Boaz or even the somewhat mainstream Raphael (Rafael is a family name for me too)
    With Eden Katherine I would go with Raphael myself but have no idea what I'd use as a middle for him!

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    Re: My names for Twn Girls WDYT?

    It's wonderful that you had a dream about naming your daughter Eden. I like Rosalind Sarai, too! I think if you name one twin girl or even one sister Eden, you have to be careful about what you name the other sibling. Eden sounds so perfect and it is short and yet full of meaning. It is a bit contemporary because it ends in an "n". It is a place name, too. You don't want to get too cutesy with it. Like naming the sister Nevaeh-Heaven backwards-might be too cutesy for some people's taste. But everyone is different in their name taste. Some people might love Eden and Nevaeh.
    So my choices are:
    Girls: Tove (has Hebrew origin but I don't know the meaning), Celeste, August, Iris
    Boys: I love Gabriel or Gavriel, too. Also Justus/Justice, Leonardo, Dante (but would people think of Dante's Inferno plus I'm worried that Dante is going to get really trendy), Zane( I like it because it is also four letters and ends in an "n"), and August.

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    Re: My names for Twn Girls WDYT?

    I think that Eden and Audrey is a really cute combo for twins!

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    Re: My names for Twn Girls WDYT?

    I like Sarai as the first name rather than the middle, plus I think it fits better with Eden over Rosalind. I would go with:

    Eden Katherine and Sarai Caroline. The two first names being ancient and biblical yet unique and uncommon and the two middle names being classic, royal names.

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