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    Need opinions on boy & girl names

    I already have an 11 month old and now me and my husband have decided to start trying for another one so I would like to know what names you like best out of my boy and girl choices.


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    Re: Need opinions on boy & girl names

    What's the name of your 11 month old?

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    Re: Need opinions on boy & girl names

    Love your boys names! I have a soft spot for Nathan and I think it works perfectly with Violet, Jude would be great too. As for girls, I like Sienna best with Violet.
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    Re: Need opinions on boy & girl names

    Oh, I like some of these a lot!

    From your boys, Stellan's easily my favorite with Violet; Rhys is lovely as well. Stellan Rhys would be a stunning .

    I want to like Nathan, but generally, I prefer Nathaniel. Nathan's my favorite brand of Hotdogs (says this former Jersey Girl) and also reminds me of "Heroes". Jude is okay but feels nicknamey to me (and I loathe the Beatles association) I prefer Judah, nn Jude, myself and that may appeal to you as well? Nathaniel Rhys would be lovely.

    Your girls are tougher because stylistcally I don't like most of them next to Violet. I realise they won't be "next to" each other forever but I like my kids to be a cohesive group when I say them all together. And that's something I won't ever stop doing.

    Right away, I'd kick Sienna off, it's first & foremost a color to me, which feels kind of themey but clashy (violet & brown? ewww)
    Keira & Isla say serious Hollywood trendy to me and while they're pretty names, they feel off with Violet.

    Whiich leaves the name my eyes gravitated to at first: Nola. Sweet, simple and fresh feeling. Compliments Violet beautifully but doesn't match her in any way. I don't stumble when I say them together and they stand seperate from each other equally well. Violet & Nola are stupendous sisters!

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    Re: Need opinions on boy & girl names

    Nathan is a nice, traditioal boys name. One of my favorite boys names. Makes me think of Nathan from Heroes or Eureka (not a bad thing at all, just an observation). This name will get minimal to no teasing by grade school bullies, and may be refreshing in a few years, considering all the -aiden's there will be in a classroom.

    Rhys is a wonderful not too common(yet) names gaining popularity. Rhys, Riordan and Rafferty are all my favorite Celtic names for boys I fear will turn into the next -aiden. This would be a prefect middle name for Nathan though.

    Stellan...hmm. This one is new to me, so all I can think is No!. It makes me think of girls names mostly. Stellan in the hands of cruel grade schoolers would be called Stella or Helen in a heartbeat. Stephan or Sterling, Spencer, or Sawyer may be alternatives. Some of these are very popular now.

    Jude makes me think Jude Law immediately, and is also getting popular. It's cute by itself if it didn't remind me of the guy who cheated on his wife.

    Keira is a lovely name, and I would use it myself (Kira) if it wasn't sooo popluar now. I guess I have a thing against names that are too trendy. I don't want that to sway you because of all the girls names on your list, I like this one the best.

    Nola to me just looks like someone left the "n" off of Nolan( a common Irish surname gaining popularity as a first. (Nolan is my last name, so maybe thats why.) Nola is cute for a girl though, Maybe too cute for an adult though?

    Isla-It seems like 1/2 a name to me...Isadora, Isis, Ivy, come to mind as alternate choices. Isla looks funny to me b/c my brain thinks Island...which makes me think Ireland. (not b/c Im Irish, but as a possible alternate "I" name...) It is cute though, like Nola...maybe too cute for a woman to be taken seriously in the workplace.

    Sienna...makes me think of Sienna Miller...who makes me think of Jude Law...Serinna, or Celeste may be other close alternatives. If it wasn't for the association I have, I would like it a lot. If it weren't for Hollywood I would like a lot more names. Mostly because you never know what crazy, illegal or immoral thing they will do in the future, so I really hesitate to like Hollywood names on babies now, because of associations with the names. For example, adults and children alike will probably always think of Angelina Jolie when they here the names or close variations. My point is that Hollywood has made some names almost too infamous to use. Like Britany...who doesn't think of Britany Spears now when they hear that name? Who wants to bet me it will drop fast on the popularity list?

    Naomi is a very nice, traditional Nathan, minimal teasing. The name makes me think of a cute, nice, kind of shy girl. Like the Naomi I went to HS with.

    I's sorry if my opinions seem harsh or mean. That is not my intention at all. I just want to be honest about what each name brings to mind for me, and what other people might think of if they hear the name (which may or may not matter to you in the slightest) I don't want to sway your name choices for you, so I hope my honesty hasn't ruined these names for you.

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