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    First Name/Middle Name Combos

    Here are some combos that I thought of. Can someone tell me if they're any good?
    Charlotte Elise
    Adaleide Ray
    Emmeline Leila
    Caleb Elias
    Xavier Otto

    I'm not actually pregnant but I love names and making combinations.

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    Re: First Name/Middle Name Combos

    I like Charlotte Elise a lot!

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    Re: First Name/Middle Name Combos

    i like adeleide =)

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    Re: First Name/Middle Name Combos

    I like Charlotte Elise and Adalaide Ray.

    Charlotte, Elise, and Adelaide are some of my favorites as well.

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    Re: First Name/Middle Name Combos

    Charlotte Elise - is lovely, if a bit predictable in feel. I'd look for something more offbeat to put in the middle with Charlotte. (Charlotte Amabel came to mind)

    Adaleide Ray - Ray is really masculine feling next to the glorious Adelaide. (I'm an Adeline fan myself, but like Adelaide too). Would you at least consider femininsing Ray to Rae? But I'd go softer feminine if I were using Adelaide, myself: Adelaide Bess is what came to mind first, for an example.

    Emmeline Leila - A bit too 'L" heavy for my liking. I love both names but think they need to be paired with something less L-ly, both of them.

    Caleb Elias - Really handsome and suave. I'm not a huge fan of Caleb, I don't like his meaning much (and it reminds me of the nasty 'mythical' Caliban). But there's nothing really wrong with him. Elias has been a favorite for a long time, handsome, charming and here's the suave. :) I think they're very nice together, actually.

    Xavier Otto - I Love Otto (despite the Simpsons) and really dig Xavier (as long as you're saying Zay-vyer, not ex-xay-vyer). The flow's a bit choppy, but really, how often do you use the whole name ?(doesn't apply to me, I use all my kids names, all the time!) I think Otto adds an earthy touch to the almost too elegant Xavier. makes a fresh pairing. Happy feeling and strong too. Very nice !

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    First Name/Middle Name Combos

    Charlotte Elise is so cute.
    I love Adaleide Ray (My daughter is Vera Adelaide, my other is Elizabeth Rae).
    Emmeline Leila is a bit of a mouthful, but the names are oh-so-cute alone.
    Caleb Elias is a bit heavy on the el sounds.
    Xavier Otto is something of a clash- the handsome, trendy, and energetic Xavier with the German-speaking Grandpa Otto. And the initials, X.O., are like tic-tac-toe, or a permanent kiss and hug from Mommy.

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    Re: First Name/Middle Name Combos

    Charlotte Elise - great. Prefer Elysse spelt like that.
    Adaleide Ray - Adelaide Rose would be better IMHO
    Emmeline Leila - NMS sorry
    Caleb Elias - NMS sorry
    Xavier Otto - Love Xavier....not Otto. Xavier James is better IMHO

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    For me Charlotte Elise is a pretty as I have heard. I hear PP who thinks Charlotte needs something more unexpected because Charlotte has been paired with so many middles. You are looking to get feedback and grow your confidence in making combos so I would think Charlotte Elise is lovely for any real baby.
    Adelaide Rey however it is spelt does not sound right to me. Adelaide - hard to describe perhaps a lovely heritage name feels so rich.
    Rey just doesn't fit for me. The rhythm of the combo is taking focus to Rey instead of Adelaide.
    Leila a name I love but with 2 l's makes the combo too heavy.
    More so than Caleb. I am not commenting on your name choices per se -they are yours so as a combo it sound fine.
    Xavier Otto is not the best combo.IMO If i practised what I preached then look at any vowell Initial name and listen to how the flow from the first name is. Xavier Rotto
    Thats being awfully picky. Very brave to put your ideas out there . It takes time to pick a name combo from the vast vocab you undoubedtly have.I think you have done really well and would that I were so brave.������
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