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    Re: My babies and why they have their names...

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    My kids are:

    Wesley Emmanuel (almost 5)
    Lydia Pearl (almost 2)
    Cora Jeanne (due in December)

    Name meanings:

    Wesley - DH, who usually has no ideas for names, picked this one after not liking any of my choices. I liked the sound of it, and the fact that John and Charles Wesley were famous leaders of the Methodist Church. (We're not Methodist but I think they were admirable men.)

    Emmanuel - From the Hebrew, meaning "God is with us." I love this name's sound and meaning, both in the abstract and in reference to Christ.

    Lydia - In the Bible, Lydia (who was named after the region where she lived) was an early disciple, converted by Paul. A generous and honorable woman. I love the way the name sounds, too.

    Pearl - In college I studied medieval lit. My favorite poem was called "Pearl." It floored me with its beauty and intricacy, and ever since then I have loved the whole pearl theme. Also, the parable of the pearl of great price in the Bible adds extra meaning. I also have a grandmother Margaret, and I think this is a nice tribute to her name.

    Cora - From the Greek "kore," a nickname for Persephone, the goddess of spring. When I heard the myth of Persephone, I drew parallels to the gospel story and instantly LOVED it. However, naming a kid Persephone would be tough to do. :)

    Jeanne - My other grandmother. She's elegant, smart, strong, generous, loving, and in short a unique and fabulous person.
    thats an awesome story and names!

    My great grandmothers name was Lydia Pearl- Lovely Choice!!!

    Lydia is my name, as well as my newborn daughters middle name (Sierra Lydia Wren) I also must say lovely choice!
    Mom of one daughter, age 2, and name-enthusiast

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    Re: My babies and why they have their names...

    I have wo babies....

    Paris Victoria (10)
    Wyatt Christopher (4)

    Paris was suppose to be named Daniel Victoria however my husband didn't like the nn Dani b/c I had an ex boyfriend named Danny. So I agreed to change it. I didn't want her name to be too popular but not too weird either. I had gone to school with a girl named Paris and was at work one day and thought of it. I went home and said to my husband "Paris Victoria" and he liked it. Victoria is for my sister Tori.

    Wyatt's name was easy to pick. We both love the name and the movies Tombstone & Wyatt Earp. His MN is after DH.

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    Re: My babies and why they have their names...

    My Two girls are...

    Kaia Erin (6)
    Willow Beatrice (23 months)

    I chose Kaia because it reminds me of my foster sister Shania who we called Nia (ny-ah).
    She was very special to me and only a year old when she was adopted and I had just found out I was pregnant, my partner loved the name too.
    Erin we chose after my closest friend, who was very honoured.

    Willow has always been a name we just loved. She was going to have Beatrice as her first name after my husbands Grandmother who had just passed away. but he was worried this might upset his family (they are easily upset) so we reserved it as a middle name.

    Our 3rd daughter is due in November and we are down to 3 choices.
    Dylan Belle (discussed this in girls names forum)
    Finlay Joan
    Imogen Joan
    Joan after my nanna who passed away at the beginning of this year.
    We were also looking at Verity but DH has suddenly decided he dos'nt like this.

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    Re: My babies and why they have their names...

    Quote Originally Posted by weewillow
    My Two girls are...

    Kaia Erin (6)
    Willow Beatrice (23 months)
    Lovely names and I vote for Imogen for your next baby girl.
    Psalm 23

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