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    Re: My babies and why they have their names...

    This is a great topic. Can a stepmom-in-training and a name nut join in with her fantasy choices? :)

    I really want a girl because...a) my fiancé has two sons, b) my mother is one of nine kids, seven of whom were male, c) I have 26 cousins, 20 of them male, d) I have a brother but no sisters, and e) I have more fun picking girls' names I love than boys'. But, because of all those guys in my family, I suspect if I have a baby it will be a boy. (Does anyone know if a tendency towards one gender or the other is hereditary, or do we get the same 50-50 chance as anybody else?)

    Anyway, for the boy I expect I'd have, I would name him Christian Stephen. Christian is my favorite name for a boy (on a purely secular basis, because I really like the sound of the name), and Stephen is for my dad who passed away just two months ago.

    For a girl I would probably name her Susina...middle name uncertain, but the one I like the most, that seems to go with the name, would be Julianne. I like Julianna, Julie and Julianne (in no particular order) but the last seems to have the best rhythm.

    Where does the "Susina" come from? I look at it as an unusual variation on Susan, which is one of my perennial favorites. I knew a girl in my Girl Scout troop as a preteen whose surname was Susina, and I fell instantly in love with it and thought it would make a wonderful girl's name. It's unusual but not so much that it gets strange looks from people who might ask. And I don't think anyone else in the country has ever used it, as far as I know. It certainly has never appeared in any name books I've read.

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    Re: My babies and why they have their names...

    My twins (3 next month!) are:

    Annabel Claire & John "Jack" William

    Annabel was named after my grandmother, Ann, & my great-grandmother, Janie Belle. I always liked the very popular Isabelle, but wanted something less common that had a family connection. Claire is a name I just love and love the meaning of. If her middle name wasn't Claire, I would consider naming another daughter Clara. I chose the Annabel over the Annabelle spelling because I think it looks more streamlined, less "frilly" for a name that is quite frilly enough!

    My husband basically lobbied hard for our son's name - he is named after my husband's grandfathers, John & William, (DH is William, called Will) and called Jack after (1) my dad, who is just "Jack" and (2) is is DH's all-time favorite boys' name. He just had to have a little Jack. I would have just gone with Jack, not John nn Jack, but DH was insistent! I also probably would have picked a name that was a bit more unusual, but still classic, but I do love Jack - it is a great name.
    Mom to twin loves - Annabel Claire & John William

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    Re: My babies and why they have their names...

    Bostonian girl, I'm pretty sure you've got a 50/50 chance of a boy or girl every time. Remember, it's the father that determines sex when the egg is fertilized by an XX or XY chromosome. That said, some people (and there are books about this) think there are ways you can improve your odds. I think it has to do with timing based on whether mom's body is more or less acidic/alkaline during different times of the month, and how one climate is hospitable or not to XX/XY sperm.

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    Re: My babies and why they have their names...

    my baby name is (Tita). in ancient java language means 'happiness',in sanskrit it means 'faith' we both hope she will always happy for the rest of her life, means' the dawn', refers to to the time she was born. then Kusuma is one of her granpa's name, beside it also a name for the most aromatic flower.

    btw i came from indonesia. I've seen your section of Indonesian name, and i found it hard for not laughing. Sorry, i didn't mean to be rude.I understand that you don't know my country well. But honestly, nobody here will refers their child with 'meritja or harimau etc', it doesn't even a name. So please don't put that words there...poor those kids whom parents named them with 'meritja'

    Here i tell you some names that usually use here. These names is sooo indonesia :

    For girl :
    Indah = pretty
    putri = princess, daughter
    Ayu = very feminine, beautiful
    ratih = the most beautiful godness
    Harum = aromatic
    Tyas = heart of heart
    Laras = Calm

    If you use it together, like 'Ayu' joined with 'Tyas' it become 'Ayuningtyas' means beautiful heart.

    For boy :
    Bayu = the wind
    Lintang (or bintang) = The star
    Bagaskara (or bagas or Baskara) = the sun
    jati = honest
    Adhitya (or adhit) = prince
    Satriya : Knight
    Jaka = young man
    Agung = the 'Great'
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    Re: My babies and why they have their names...

    Thank you sooooo much! I am going to add the names you suggested right now and get rid of the ridiculous ones! It can be really difficult from outside a culture to tell which names are realistic and which are absurd -- we definitely appreciate the inside information.
    Pam Satran

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