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    Red face Opinions on these rare/unusual names

    These names have been on and off my favourite names list for a while and I am curious as to whether y'all like them and think they are usable or not.

    Some are newly created names (Kinley, Sabriel), some are old names that are almost extinct in the UK (Talwyn, Thisbe) but all of them are unranked or were used less than 20 times in 2018 in the UK (where I am based).

    Let me know your thoughts! And I'd love to hear of any UR or low ranked names that you love as well!



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    I've always thought Thisbe is such a fun name! Talwyn is interesting but I prefer Tanwen. Blue and Dove would make great middle names! From your boys list, I really like Lorien and Sky(e). I prefer River to Riven, and Gabriel or Sabian rather than Sabriel.

    Some rare names that I like are:


    Beautiful B's...

    Berenice, Beatrix, Brenna, Briar, Bernadine, Belle, Bria, Benilde, Bren, Bettina, Bertilde, Briony, Bree, Bronya, Birdie, Benita, Bernice, Bridie, Bronte, Bronwen

    Bren, Bartholomew, Bardrick, Brady, Beaumont, Beauregard, Byram, Branok, Bartleby, Bertie, Brennan, Berin, Barley, Brenner, Bartolomé, Barthelemy, Bran, Benicio, Barnabus, Balthazar

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    Hi there.

    Here are my thoughts:


    Kinley-Meh. I don't care for this one. It just seems trendy & lacking substance.

    Talwyn-Ooh, this is cool. I've never heard it before, but I tend to like other 'wyn' ending names.

    Alethea-I don't mind this. I kind of like Althea more, but this is interesting & not sounds nice enough.

    Thisbe-This is quite sweet.

    Blue-I think that I'd like this as a mn better. A little odd for a first.

    Dove-Same as above.


    Lorien-Not sure that I care for this. It seems a bit made up.

    Sabriel-Same as above, even though according to it's not. It just sounds off & also a tad feminine.

    Sky-I actually like this one for a boy. Kind of prefer Schuyler nn Sky, but either. It's really gentle & calming.

    Riven-This doesn't have a super nice sound to me.

    Bellamy-This is one of those names that's too masculine for a girl & too feminine for a boy. I can't get on board.
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    Kinley - I wouldn't have said this was a new made up name, it feels quite trendy, perhaps a less known version of Kinsley. I don't dislike it though, and I think it'd be cute a with a feminine middle name.

    Talwyn - This is sweet, it doesn't wow me though!

    Alethea - This is quite nice, I like how it looks written down but I worry then when said out loud it sounds a bit like I have a lisp.

    Thisbe - I've never liked Thisbe, idk why. Perhaps the Shakespeare reference. It just feels a bit harsh and I don't like the sounds.

    Blue - I actually think this would be really sweet on a girl! Probably just a gp though.

    Dove - Perhaps a cute middle name. Kinley Dove would actually be nice.

    Lorien - I can kind of see the appeal, but it's not my style.

    Sabriel - I agree with pp that this feels a little feminine. Maybe it's the similarity to Sabrina? I'm not sure, but I'm not loving it.

    Sky - I can't decide if I like this on a boy or not. It is sweet, I suppose!

    Riven - I prefer this on a girl, but it works on a boy too.

    Bellamy - Same as Riven.
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    My thoughts as well, sorry if it's not very nice:

    Kinley: sounds like the surname of a cartoon villain, the evil Mr. Kinley. Definitely not like a name for a little girl.
    Talwyn: a good name for an elf character from The Lord of the Rings.
    Alethea: I actually really like this one, but only as a second name... as a first name, it's just too strange, and she would have to spell it out all the time. "What's your name?" "Alethea." "What? Andrea? Anna Thea? Altea? Letta? Alexandra? Audrey? Blythe?" "A-L-E-T-H-E-A." Imagine that every time you have to introduce yourself...
    Thisbe: "This be"? Too strange. Doesn't sound like a name.
    Blue: very cute, actually. I like color names.
    Dove: kinda cute, but it's like a pet name? Would you name your child "Honey"? "Babe"? "Sweetheart"? "Princess?

    Lorien: another elf name!
    Sabriel: cool and edgy. Too edgy for me personally, but I wouldn't cringe if I saw it on a child.
    Sky: oh come on. That's not a name.
    Riven: like river, except even weirder?
    Bellamy: this sounds like the name of a place. Bellamy Park, Bellamy Street... and it also seems more girly than boyish.

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    Kinley - Not a fan. It sounds really made up and doesn't really have any nicknames, which the similar Kinsley at least does.
    Talwyn - Not bad, I like nicknames Tally and Wynnie but overall something about the sound is off.
    Alethea - I LOVE Althea, I think it's gorgeous, though I don't love this spelling.
    Thisbe - Thisbe is really cute and unique! I really like it.
    Blue - Not into it. Sounds like a dog's name, and an overused one too.
    Dove - Dove is lovely, as cool as Liv but with the animal imagery making it more timeless

    Lorien - Too close to Lauren
    Sabriel - Too close to Gabriel. I actually like it more than Gabriel, but it'd get mixed up with it all the time
    Sky - This sounds more like a 90's girl name to me, not like a boy born in 2020.
    Riven - Not bad and I get the appeal, but I still prefer River
    Bellamy - Interesting, but it works better on a girl. When it comes to "bell" names the only one I prefer on a boy is Campbell
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    Kinley- this is a top 100 name in the USA so I don’t find it uncommon. I’ve known girls named Kinley and McKinley my whole life. It’s sweet and definitely usable!
    Talwyn- I love quirky T names; Tesni is on my own list! It’s fun but definitely usable
    Alethea- I think it’s usable, I just personally hear “Alicia” with a lisp :/
    Thisbe- super cute and another great quirky T name. Brave, but usable
    Blue- this gives me major Beyoncé/Blue Ivy vibes. I think it could work but the right girl would have to pull it off
    Dove- I love this! Dove Cameron makes this feel very accessible to me

    Lorien- I like this as an alternative to Loren, which feels very feminine now
    Sabriel- I don’t think it’s unusable but something seems off about it? I think Saber is cute
    Sky- this has a feminine vibe to me but that doesn’t mean it can’t work. I’d assume it was short for Skyler though
    Riven- I saw this in a recent Babyberry announcement and was immediately struck! It’s so handsome
    Bellamy- this reminds me of Bella and Belle so it leans feminine to me but I’m in the minority about that on this site. It definitely works for a boy

    Blue and Sabriel are the only names here that give me pause but I don’t think they’re decidedly unusable!
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    Thank you for the brilliant responses everyone!!!

    @freddiethepink - Oh my gosh so many lovely names I hadn't heard of! I have immediately added Merewen and Elwyn to my list so beautiful (my bias for -wen names is showing!). Tanwen is so cool, and I hadn't even considered Sabian for some reason, I love that as an alternative to Sabriel.

    @michellem Again hadn't even considered Althea and think that is such a beautiful name, and that is totally my issue with Bellamy as well and why it keeps going on and off my list, it just doesn't quite fit for either sex for me regardless of how much I love the name.

    @carysmarie Kinley is completely unranked in the UK so really rare here apparently. I can't remember why I thought it was invented so that's probably on me! But I hadn't thought of it as an alternative for Kingsley that is super cool, and I flipping love Kinley Dove, that is so cute.

    @luminifera Glad you like Blue! I love short names and think Blue is super cute. And Skye is actually quite well used for girls just less for boys, although the male lead in the Mamma Mia film is named Skye so it definitely has been used for boys.

    @emmievis I love the comparison of Dove with Liv, I hadn't thought about them being similar but they really are. And on Sabriel I agree with you, I feel like they might be confused with Gabriel a lot and be constantly spelling their name which is why I love it but would be hesitant to use it. Also as some other berries said it does sound a bit feminine for some reason.

    @sparkleninja18 I didn't know that about Kinley! I hadn't seen it on any name lists before and its completely unranked here but that's kind of reassuring to know that it is more well used in other parts of the world. And I agree Riven is so handsome, that is so interesting that it has been on a name list hopefully it might start getting used more!

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    Alethea and Thisbe are my favourites - the others aren't really my cup of tea.
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    Kinley -cute, on trend but familiar sounding. Linden, Linley and Keeley are similar options

    Talwyn -intriguing. I kind of like it. Feels mythical. Deryn and Arianwen came to mind

    Alethea - I much prefer Althea

    Thisbe -funky and sweet. Thessaly and Jovie came to mind

    Blue - charming and deep feeling. Indigo, Sol/Soul and True came to mind

    Dove -light and soft sounding. Paloma, Lotus and Lark might also appeal

    Lorien -sounds mythical and interesting. Lorcan and Lysander might also appeal

    Sabriel - not a fan, sorry. It sounds like Gabriel misspelled

    Sky -i like Sky for a boy. I like the natury vibe and ethereal feeling.
    Indigo, Ocean, Shiloh, Cedar and Onyx may appeal

    Riven has a sleek and interesting sound! Raven, Linden and Sylvan came to mind

    Bellamy is cool and classic feeling. Amory, Vyvyan and Jonty maybe
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