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    Please help me out...

    I'm looking at honoring my great-grandma Dorothy Ann. I have thought of a combo for a girl, but am unsure how to go about doing this for a boy as I want to honor a Todd as well. I've thought about using one of two name combos:

    Todd Matthew Elias
    Theodore Matthew Elias "Todd"

    My great grandma never used a nickname, but to get to Todd I used a common nickname for Dorothy, Dot, and flipped it around (and added a D).

    Which one do you think?

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    I prefer Theodore but I don't think you can get Todd out of Theodore. What about Theodore Todd Elias to keep the honor name?

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    I looked at it as you would get Ted out of the name... ThEoDore for Ted, TheODore for Tod (I just prefer the Todd spelling over the Tod spelling). Would this not work?

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    I prefer Theodore to Todd in general, so Theodore 'Todd' got my vote. I like too, that Theodore incorporates more directly, the DOR for grandmother Dorothy so the Dorothy honour doesn't get lost in the creative honour, compared to Todd's obvious one, you know?

    I don't see why Todd can't work as nickname for Theodore...I mean, no the names don't relate in terms of etymology or history, however, most people just go on sound and look when it comes to names in general anyway, and the TOD(d) is right there, and in that order. Nicknames are supposed to be fun and informal, so really, they need not even need to make perfect sense anyway, in my opinion.

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    If I were you I’d use Theodore Todd Elias. I much, much prefer Theodore to Todd and nicknames Theo and Teddy to Todd, and feel Todd is a stretch as a nickname for it anyway. I mean you can of course use whatever name you like as a nickname but I personally like nicknames to be intuitive or established (or both), which Todd isn’t. Plus, considering you say your grandmother never used Dot as a nickname, the connection between Dorothy/Theodore and Todd feels tenuous. It seems to me that the significant Todd in your life would be honoured more so if his name was just used as a middle. If Matthew is important to you as well, I’d go with three middles - Theodore Matthew Todd Elias. It’s a long name but I don’t think that’s a problem. Anyway, just my two cents - feel free to ignore this! I think Theodore (Matthew) Todd Elias is a really nice name though.
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    Theodore is a wonderful name and has so many sounds and letters in common with Dorothy! It's almost like Dorothy backwards: Dor-oh-thee, thee-oh-dor!!!

    I think Theodore nicknamed Todd makes perfect sense - not a stretch at all! And using Theodore as the given name provides other options such as Theo or Teddy if you feel like using more than one nickname.

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    Todd can definitely be a nickname for Theodore. I think Theodore is perfect for honoring both Dorothy and Todd. Congrats!
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    I know a Dorothy (also called Dorothea) who was named to honour her grandfather Theodore. So you can absolutely tie those two together. I agree, if you can get to Ted, you can get to Todd. To me, both are a bit of a leap and less obvious than Theo, but Ted to me is not more intuitive than Todd. Theodore Todd Elias would work as well.
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    Another vote for Theodore Matthew Elias - such a handsome combination! Todd isn't my style as a standalone, but is perfectly fine for a nickname.
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    Theodore Matthew Elias is wonderful. I also noticed straight away that Theodore is basically Dorothy backwards! And Todd seems a perfectly natural nickname for Theodore. I do think Todd is too nicknamey to stand alone, however.

    I think you've hit a winner with Theodore!
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