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    I love Evy (eh-vee) as a nickname for Evangeline. Georgiana would be fantastic!

    Theodora was my first thought (nn. Thea)
    Vivienne (Vivi)
    Annabelle (Anna, Belle, Ellie)
    Persephone (a bit more elaborate, but I love it with Evangeline and Florence!)
    Finn, Leo, and Kate <3

    Declan Calder Bartholomew

    Mila Violet Elizaveta

    Elena Daisy Guinevere | Anya Vivienne Persephone | Freya Lydia Juliet
    Aurora Ivy Olivia | Morgana Clara Genevieve
    Isla Belle Sophia | Stella Margot Emmeline

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    Mason Oscar Theodore | Dimitri Matthew Balthazar
    Theo Frederick Lincoln | Jasper Rupert Anthony

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    I love Hugh and Alec! Other ideas:

    Evangeline and Alethea
    Evangeline and Elowen
    Evangeline and Adeliza
    Evangeline and Calpurnia
    Evangeline and Winifred

    Hugh and Colin
    Hugh and Aaron
    Hugh and Edward (prefer this to Edwin)
    Hugh and Owen
    Hugh and Casper
    Hugh and Lachlan
    Hugh and Brett

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    Your selected names go well together, although I really only like Charles. I definitely like Miles and Edwin (or Edmund???) Adelaide is pretty, but I wouldn't use it because of friend's daughter. Maybe Adeline?

    Lewis William
    Walter Henry
    Peter Jack
    Edmund Alexander
    Oscar Benjamin
    Henry Theodore

    Genevieve Opal
    Aurora Pearl
    Adeline Mabel
    Josephine Esther
    Charlotte Edith

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    I love Evangeline & Hugh together! Especially with big sister Florence!

    I actually think Nigel goes really well, and feels vintage to me. I also like the ideas of Linus and Percy!
    Gilbert is adorable, I absolutely love that name!!!

    Clementine** (Minnie)
    Constance (might be too close to Florence?)
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    I think Hugh Charles & Evangeline Maude is a lovely twin set choice really classic.

    Moving onto all boy twins...
    Hugh & Nigel - I dislike Nigel it just feels dated rather than vintage not my cup of tea

    Hugh & Lionel - Lionel is a nice choice and has a cool jazz vibe. It’s a cool sibling set!

    Hugh & Gilbert - not keen on Gilbert at all just isn’t my vibe and feels awkward. Suggestion Gideon? I think Hugh & Gideon would be handsome.

    Hugh & Alec - this twin set feels really effortless and classic. Alec is a handsome name with a cool European vibe that I think matches really well with Hugh.

    Hugh & Edwin - I do like Edwin and see the appeal in this choice I think it works with Hugh but isn’t my favourite combination.

    Hugh & Miles - love love love Miles such a handsome elegant name. I honestly love Miles brilliant name especially with Hugh. Such a swoon worthy combination.

    My favourite is Hugh & Miles.

    Hugh & Edison
    Hugh & Robert
    Hugh & William
    Hugh & Jasper
    Hugh & Samuel
    Hugh & Leonard
    Hugh & Timothy


    Evangeline & Marguerite - Not keen on Marguerite just doesn’t have the prettiest sound to be feels like a mouthful.

    Evangeline & Georgiana - I’m not a fan of George and the variants including Georgiana. But both names have a Victorian vibe and are elegant so they do work together it’s just not a favourite of mine.

    Evangeline & Adelaide - Adelaide is a gorgeous name really classic and effortless. Adelaide just works with Evangeline. I also like Addie & Evie as nicknames!

    My favourite is Evangeline & Adelaide

    Evangeline & Angelica
    Evangeline & Christabel
    Evangeline & Primrose
    Evangeline & Meredith
    Evangeline & Millicent
    Evangeline & Tabitha
    Evangeline & Dorothea

    Good luck & stay well
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