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    Bridget or Annabelle?

    Which is your favorite for a beautiful baby girl?

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    I think I prefer Bridget. I like both, but Bridget feels a bit fresher to me.
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    I agree with @maerad.
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    I think Annabelle is a lot prettier than Bridget (it has a better flow, is less clunky, and provides better nickname options).
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    I LOVE Annabelle. I used to like it spelled Anabelle, just because of the uniqueness, but I prefer Annabelle now. Do you have a middle name for the combo? Bridget is cute too, but a little less gentle and pretty.

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    Hi there.

    I think that they're both super sweet. Bridget is a little more unique these days. There are a bunch of Anna & Belle/Bella names that are used a lot in the past ten years. Bridget has a kind & homey feel to it, & I adore the spunky nn of Bridie.

    You really can't go wrong with either choice! Hope this helps.
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    Bridget. She has a funky flair to her, that I like.
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    I like both. Annabelle is very delicate and feminine. Bridget has a lively sound and a great meaning/history, plus it's not popular for babies anymore so it would be a unique choice.

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    Thanks for the input so far. Middle name options would be Dianna, Lynn, Laura.

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    I prefer Annabelle because I love Belle as a nickname. However, with your middle name options, I think the combo Bridget Dianna flows beautifully. That gets my vote.
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