View Poll Results: What would you name Violet and Hugo's brother?

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  • Albert

    3 3.26%
  • Felix

    21 22.83%
  • Frederick

    4 4.35%
  • George

    3 3.26%
  • Jasper

    28 30.43%
  • Louis

    7 7.61%
  • Oscar

    9 9.78%
  • Rupert

    10 10.87%
  • Sebastian

    5 5.43%
  • Theodore

    2 2.17%
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    It's a BOY! Help me!

    We found out baby is a BOY! Help me decide on his name!
    Violet Elizabeth Rose & Hugo Alexander John
    Baby #3 due in August (IT'S A BOY)!


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    Congratulations! I really like Oscar with your others. I also like Jasper, Felix, and Albert with them
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    I like Jasper the best! Violet, Hugo and Jasper sounds great to me.
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    I voted for Felix but I also like Jasper.
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    Congratulations! I love the names Violet and Hugo and almost all of your choices for your new baby. We seem to have very similar taste. It was super difficult for me to pick out of Felix, Sebastian, Jasper, Louis, Oscar, Theodore and Frederick (so basically all of them) but Felix is one of my top names if I have a boy next and it suits Violet and Hugo so well so it got my vote. But you really can’t go wrong with any of them. Another name that came to mind as a great match is Jude. Also Milo, Otto and Otis. Anyway, I’ll be interested to hear what you go with in the end!
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    It think you have lots of great choices. My favorites are Felix and Albert (tied for first) with Jasper after that.
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    I love a lot of the names on your list, Louis, Sevastian, Theodore, but Felix seems to fit particularly well with Violet and Hugo
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    This was tough. I voted for Sebastian because it has the same classic (but not overused) romantic feel as Violet and Hugo, but Theodore, Jasper, and Oscar were really close contenders. You have some great options here. Congratulations!
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    Hi there.

    You have a great list. I voted for Albert. I don't think that it fits in the best, but it doesn't clash. It has a similar enough style. I mainly just really like the name. It's different yet well known, handsome & has great vintage charm.

    Here are my thoughts on the rest of the list:

    Felix-I can see the appeal of this, but just can't get on board. It sounds a little goofy to me.

    Frederick-This is nice enough. I think that Freddie is cute for a little guy. Fred is not as great.

    George-This is cute. It's classic & simple. Doesn't sparkle, but a nice name that fits in well.

    Jasper-See Felix.

    Louis-I like this a lot, but is that a problem that Louie & Huey rhyme?

    Oscar-This is cool. Kind of spunky, vintage & a little artsy. Maybe my second favorite on your list.

    Rupert-I want to like this, but it's just a bit too stuffy.

    Sebastian-Okay, this is stuffy too, but I like it! It's handsome & sophisticated. It's a little much next to Hugo, but not a deal breaker.

    Theodore-This is really nice. & fits in well. Getting pretty popular if that bothers you.

    Hope this helps.
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    It's rare that a list comes up where I really like every name - but this is certainly such a one! I love your other children's names too. So this is really tough. Do any not sound as good with the surname so you can shorten the list that way?

    I voted for Rupert, an all time favourite of mine that I think is quite under-used, and very cool. But I think these are the best of your list:
    Felix, George, Jasper, Oscar, Rupert, Theodore.

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