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    Oscar and Roscoe: Are They Too Similar?

    Hey, berries!

    Quick question: do you think Oscar and Roscoe sound too similar to be brothers...or am I just overthinking this?

    The full sib-set will be Oscar, Sylvie, and Roscoe and on top of loving all these names individually, I also love how their meanings coordinate (Oscar means “deer lover”, Sylvie means “from the forest”, and Roscoe means “deer forest”).

    Let me know what you think!

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    I think they're too similar because they both have a long O sound in them. But Oscar and Sylvie sound great together!
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    Unfortunately I think they're a bit too similar as they both have that Oz sound.

    Other ideas:
    Gordon- Great Hill
    Monroe- Mouth of Roe River
    Hershel- Deer
    Hart- Stag
    Hartley- Stag Meadow
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