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    Quirky 2nd name to Johanna desperately needed

    Dear berries,

    I need your help, please.

    My daughter will be born in two weeks and i am completely lost in my name search, cannot make sense of my list any more, hence hoping for your fresh super-brains!

    She will definitely get the name Johanna, from her late Norwegian grandmother.
    I think it is a beautiful name, very warm and clear, but also a bit "conservative" and also where my family is from it has been a steady top 10 or 20 name over decades and even centuries, so is the opposite of unique.

    That is why in case her personality turns out more "special" (which would not be a surprise, looking at my family), I would like to give her a 2nd name (in whatever oder) which is more quirky, unusual, rare, can be spunky, nerdy or oldfashioned. I was thinking this one should be short, so maybe even a nickname, but that is not a must, I am open for everything.

    Does anyone have ideas?

    Thanks a million for reading and maybe replying!

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    Ruby Johanna
    Johanna Rue
    Piper Johanna
    Johanna Poppy
    Phoebe Johanna
    Hazel Johanna
    Johanna Rain
    Iris Johanna
    Johanna Winter

    Many of these combos would sound equally nice flip flopped too.
    Mama to V!v!an + Nor@h

    Petra Josephine-Georgia Eden-Susanna Piper-Annemarie James-Margot Hanna-Caroline Sawyer-Jane Mariana-Ruby Athena

    Jasper Elias-Harvey James-Silas Patrick-Drake Ennis-Miles Birch-Beau Jameson-Drew Cedar-Cyrus Eli

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    Ellen Virginia * Nancy Eleanor * May Genevieve * Celia Madeleine * Audrey Claire * Bess Emilia
    Nathaniel Francis * Leo Edmund * Benedict Henry * Virgil Blaise * Joseph Malachi * Timothy Jerome

    Also Liking: OONA MUIRGHEAL * Siobhan Brigid * Cassandra Niamh * Miranda Kate *
    Sybil Josephine * Edith Augusta * Catherine Ginevra * Molly Catriona *

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    Johanna is beautiful and has long been a favourite of mine! Most of these could equally go in the other order:

    Johanna Lark
    Johanna Blythe
    Johanna Birdie
    Johanna Greer
    Johanna Primrose
    Johanna Saffron
    Johanna Tess
    Johanna Cleo
    Johanna Zelie
    Johanna Clelie
    Johanna Lumi
    Johanna Snow
    Johanna Siri
    Johanna Pippin

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    I would definitely use Johanna as a mn.I like Posey,Bryliegh,Calliope as quirky firsts.Not so quirky but sharp sounding Claire.

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    How about Johanna-Redfern?

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    I love Johanna. Most of these have been mentioned, but I like:

    Johanna Bee
    Johanna Faye
    Johanna Hyacinth
    Johanna Jean
    Johanna Maeve
    Johanna Maude
    Johanna Olive
    Johanna Ruby
    Johanna Wren
    Greta Cecilia - Audrey Eleanor - Margot Anne - Alma Josephine - Sophie Ruth
    Elliot Ronan - Edward Austin - Theo Ephraim - Arthur Nathaniel - Ethan Frederick

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    I love Johanna. It's a family name for me, too. I second Ruby Johanna/ Johanna Ruby, Johanna Iris, and Johanna Faye. I also like Johanna Shea/Shay.

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