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    Opinions on flow with last name

    Do you think Vivian works with the last name Morgan? Also, what about my other picks?

    Esther Morgan - no mn yet
    Hazel Marigold Morgan
    Violet Francesca Morgan
    Maeve Rosalie Morgan
    Adelaide Morgan - nn Della
    Viviana Morgan - no mn yet
    Vivian Rosalie Morgan
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    The other names on your list are much better as the ‘an’ endings in Vivian and Morgan aren’t ideal. IMO, first and last name flow is one of the more important considerations in choosing a name as that is how she will be known, and on a day-to-day basis we rarely use our middle name. Viviana is fine and I love Esther and Violet.

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    I think the additional syllable in Vivian makes it usable. Vivian Rosalie Morgan is nice.

    Viviana Morgan is stunning though and I really like that option. Viviana Hazel would be nice.

    Hazel Marigold and Adelaide are also delightful!
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    I agree with @greyblue. It doesn't seem like it should work, but somehow it sounds okay. Vivian Rosalie is a gorgeous combination. Viviana is really nice too. I love the suggestion of Viviana Hazel.
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    Vivian Morgan is fine to me. Maeve Morgan is the only one that doesn't sound great. I usually love alliteration names but with them both being one syllable it's a little matchy.
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    Vivian Morgan trips me up a little bit because of the same sounding last syllable. Viviana Morgan clears that up for me and I think it is very nice! I also like Violet Francesca Morgan.

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    Hazel Marigold Morgan is beautiful and flows really well. Vivian Morgan is really sweet, too. I think it flows just fine.
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    How about using Vivienne spelling? It's a little softer and flows better with Morgan

    I also like Hazel and Adelaide on your list
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    Thank you for the thoughts and suggestions everyone!
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    Vivian Morgan sounds very nice to me. The other first names all sound fine too. I'm not a huge fan of the flow between Marigold and Morgan, but from my experience people dont say the middle followed by surname that often, so it's not a big deal.
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