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Thread: Girl names

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    Girl names

    Eleonore or Elizabeth

    we have french roots, which is why we thought of Eleonore, but Elizabeth is also a very classic beautiful name.

    So we’re stuck trying to be pick one! Either way we like the nicknames for both and are most likely to use Elle, which you can get from both names

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    Both are pretty but I prefer Eleonore. Elizabeth is a very common name. Elle is a sweet nickname that will age well.

    What about Eloise?
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    Eleanore. It’s one of my favourites. Classic like Elizabeth but a little more interesting to me.

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    Eloise is so beautiful! Same as Elodie! But we are definitely set on one of these names haha thank you so much! 💞
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    Both are great names so I see your dilemma! When all else seems equal I tend to go for the more unusual option, so Eleonore. Such a lovely, evocative name.

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    Eleanore is amazing
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    great advice! thank you! 💗

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    I like both but if I had to choose i would choose Eleonore.

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    They're both nice, but personally I just love Elizabeth. I think its the best of all the classic names. Just gorgeous.

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    I think Eleonore is best for you; since Elizabeth is very international and it wouldn't make your French roots stand out as much as Eleonore would, if you wish to highlight them.
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