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Thread: Rooney πŸ’•

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    Rooney πŸ’•

    Hi berries,

    Curious what your thoughts are on the girl's name Rooney? nn Roo

    Thanks, x
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    I love it for a boy. I'm not a fan of boy names being used on girls.
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    Love it on a girl, dislike it a lot on a boy. Rooney Mara is an awesome association imo, and nn Roo is darling.

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    Being British, my main association is Wayne Rooney... not the best association on the planet.

    There's nothing evidently wrong with the name though, outside me being clouded by the footballer!
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    Love, love, love Rooney on a boy OR girl!! Roo is an adorable nn as well.
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    I think Rooney's rather sweet. Not one I'd use myself, but it's cute, and it fits in nicely with currently popular trends! Roo is an adorable NN choice, I like it!

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    I love it. I actually follow a mom on instagram who has a daughter named Rooney.
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    A definite yes for me. I personally prefer it on a girl.
    And Roo is so cute. Love it!
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    I like it. It strikes me as a genuinely unisex option.
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    I think it's so sweet and adorable! Possibly a guilty pleasure for me though.
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