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    Clarissa and Zenith

    We are new parents of a baby girl and are seeking a first and middle name for her. I love the name Clarissa and my spouse loves the name Zenith. There are no other names that we like near as much as these. We agree that Anne would make a nice middle name for either, but in order to use both Clarissa and Zenith we are thinking of using one as the first and the other as the middle. So it would be either "Clarissa Zenith" or "Zenith Clarissa". We do not want to abbreviate either name as her official name.

    We would love to hear thoughts on the following:

    1. Name popularity shows "Zenith" to be used three times as frequently for boys than for girls, and Zenith makes some people think of the old television set brand. Is Zenith a high risk choice?

    2. Which sounds better, "Clarissa Zenith" or "Zenith Clarissa" ?

    3. In the case of one as the first and one as the middle name, I likely would use the name Clarissa and my spouse likely would use Zenith, perhaps using Zee as a nickname. Would we be creating confusion by using both Clarissa and Zenith on a daily basis?

    Looking forward to everyone's thoughts and opinions!

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    I think Zenith sounds better on a boy. I don't think that people will think of the brand. Clarissa Zenith sounds the best to me. It would be a bit confusing to most people if you called her by both names, I would just call her by her first name.
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    Oh my goodness! Both names are breathtaking!
    how to decide....
    I think Clarissa Zenith flows better, but your choice! Using both names might be a bit confusing to some people, but everything is controversial with someone! I like it!
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    I like Zenith alot but then I normally gravitate to less girly,common names. So no, I don't see it as high risk, and Zen is a cool nickname option.
    I don't find it confusing using both names.
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    I immediately thought of the television brand!

    Clarissa Zenith

    I don’t think using both is a real problem. Whichever is her first name will most likely what others will call her but I wouldn’t think it was weird or anything if you used both.

    Not totally the same but we call our daughter Vivian by her full name, Vivi, Viv or Vee. All interchangeable. My in-laws were obsessed on getting us to choose one name that we were going to call her and to their dismay, we didn’t. And guess what - it’s not a big deal!
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    Beautiful names!

    I think Clarissa will be easier for others to spell and pronounce. Yet Zenith is so unique!

    Have you considered Zelina?
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    The only time I met a woman named Zenith, the brand name did come to mind, but not in a detrimental way. In fact, it made it easy to remember her name.

    Perhaps the use of Zenith as a girl or a boy name depends on the pronunciation. The American pronunciation where the first syllable sounds like "zee" seems feminine to me, whereas the British pronunciation where the first syllable sounds like "zen" sounds more masculine.

    I agree that Clarissa Zenith does flow better. With that order, with first names tending to be used more often than middle names, she may be called Clarissa more often than Zenith, like on a school roster. In family settings, perhaps the middle name Zenith might be used more since one parent prefers it. It would be hoped that the young girl would be adaptable enough to understand that both names refer to her. Perhaps experienced parents can chime in on that one.

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    Sorry, but I would suggest that you keep looking to find a name that feels right to both of you as being called by two very different names isn’t ideal, and I do really think it would create confusion. I’m sure it is difficult for either of you to give up your favourite name but not agreeing and each calling her by their “own” name isn’t in the best interests of your daughter. Does either Clarissa or Zenith flow better with your last name? Maybe save one of them for a possible little sister in the future?
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    I think Clarissa Zenith flows best. In the case of Zenith Clarissa, the ‘th’ bumps into the harder sound of ‘cl.’ I think having nicknames is fine! Zee is super cute. You may even find yourselves each using both. Ppl use nn’s interchangeably all the time!
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    I have a student (?) who's name is Lyanna Catherine (fake names used). First name is unusual, but very similar too a more common name in Brazil (I'm going to use the example of Lillian, but the actual names have one-letter difference); second name is a traditional one. I took 1 day to understand that Cate and Lyanna are the same person (and that LYANNA and NOT Lillian). For me, it was not hard to accept it - she is both Lyanna and Cate interchangeably. It kinda reminds me of my uncle saying "every group needs a Chico". Chico is a traditional nickname for Francisco, but I have met many Chicos who were João, Pedro, José and Eduardo formally.

    Clarissa Zenith called Clarissa and Zee/ Zenith is completely acceptable. I prefer Clarissa Zenith, because of the flow and I also like to put the gender-obvious name first, and the more familiar name in the first spot. But Zenith Clarissa is also beautiful.

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