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    Little brother πŸ’™

    Leo Gabriel Ambrose arrived on back in November but it took a little while to decide on his name, a little brother for Kai Ashton Gray.

    I exhausted the internet searching for something I liked more than Leo, and although it's quite popular, there was nothing I liked as much. Coincidentally he was born during the time of the annual Leonid meteor showers, was born en caul, and was very strong in utero even though he is very little, so I felt that all tied into the lion and strength meanings of Leo. As caulbearers were often said to become kings, Leo was a perfect choice as lions often represent kings and royalty.

    Gabriel was my DHs suggestion, the meaning not as significant to him as the sound of the name. I wasn't fond of the potential nicknames of Gay or Gabe, so negotiated it to his first middle. Upon further research (and becauseI like to have a story behind each name) I found that
    Gabriel is made up of the Hebrew (gerber) man and (el) God. Properly geber is said to mean "a valiant man" or a "warrior", or can be generally used to refer to a man or person. It ultimately stems from the base form gaber "strong, mighty"
    It ties to my middle name Louise meaning "famous warrior", and ties to hubbys middle name Daniel, as Gabriel was the Archangel sent to interpret Daniels dreams (we're not at all religious but I like that there's a link in meanings to both our names)

    I have loved the name Ambrose and its meaning (immortal & devine) and attached symbolism (ambrosia/honey/bees) I also like how it ties to the meaning of my name, and is also a nod to my mum with the immortal meaning, defeating cancer in the same year Leo was born and saying he was the only thing that kept her going.
    So after much deliberation and help from fellow Berries, it was included as his second middle!
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    Congratulations! You have chosen a lovely name for him.

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    Wow, his name is so outstanding! I love all the meanings tied in there too!
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    Very handsome! Congratulations!
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    What an incredible name for an incredible little boy! Congratulations.
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    Congratulations! I love his name and his brother's. They sound great together!
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    Congratulations! Both of your sons have fantastic names!

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    Congratulations! I adore his name! Ambrose makes my heart melt!
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    A belated congratulations to you! He has a stunning name.
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