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    HELP me think of boy names to honor moms maiden name!

    I have a girl name I absolutely love but can not find the perfect by name! I would like to honor my maiden name for our son. He will have my husbands grandpa first name as his MN (Wendell). My Maiden name is Hesseltine. Pronounced Hess-EL-tine (like time but with an N sound).

    Other boy names I like but don't feel right are:
    Violette Jacqueline, Lilah Aline, Everly ????, Belle Rosaline

    Roy Wendall, Cashton Lee, Jennings Wendall, Flint Wendall

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    I would actually suggest a different approach, since it'll be very hard coming up with a given name that gives your maiden name proper honor.

    Why not give little one two middle names? A fresh first name, a name honoring hubby's side and another honoring your side of the family.
    Or perhaps switch things around, have Hesseltine as his middle name, and Wendell or a variant as his first name.
    One can dream...

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    Valentine Wendell
    Holt Wendell
    Hezekiah Wendell
    Linus Wendell
    Harold Wendell

    Hesseltine means hazel valley

    Valley Wendell
    Denton Wendell
    Hayes Wendell
    Hayden Wendell
    Holden Wendell
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    I would actually suggest Hesseltine as a middle name. Is Wendell off the table as a first name? Or maybe Wynn Hesseltine?

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    My aunt used her full maiden name as her son's first name, and it's not a typical last name-first name either, but if you think Hesseltine is a bit much perhaps just Hessel or Hessley? Hessley Wendell makes a pretty great combo!

    My only other thought was Hesperos or one of it's variations; Hesperius/Hespero/Hespers/Hesperus. The name is Greek in origin and means 'evening star'. Hesperus Wendell is very handsome!

    Pulling from the 'Eltine' part instead...perhaps you could even do Elton? Elton Wendell has a nice ring to it!
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    I would give him two middle names, one being Hesseltine. If you change up Hesseltine too much it becomes such a stretch that it may not feel like an honour name.

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    Firat thing that came to mind was Ethen Wendell


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    I agree with using Hesseltine as a middle/second middle. It has a lovely sound of its own.
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