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    Which Should I Choose?

    Out of these five names, which do you like best?

    1. Milo Charles

    Milo is one that I have adored since The Phantom Tollbooth, and Charles is a family name. If I already had a Lucille Charlotte, it would be Milo Henry.

    2. Dexter Wolf

    I love how snazzy Dexter sounds, and the history of the name. Wolves are one of my favorite animals, so it seemed fitting as a middle name.

    3. Shepherd James

    Shepherd has been my top name forever, but I’ve just been liking Milo and Dexter a bit more. I do still adore Shepherd, though, and James is a beautiful name that feels a little bland in the first name spot.

    4. Gideon Sage

    Gideon is a Biblical name, and I love the meaning of Sage.

    5. Asher Lennon

    Lennon after John Lennon, Asher for the meaning and Christian significance.

    Runners up are Matthias, Jasper, Maddox, and Theo.
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    I like Gideon best followed by Milo!
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    Definitely Milo Charles - such a handsome combination!
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    Gideon Sage rocks.

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    Milo Charles is beautiful! Its definitely my favourite!

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    Hi there.

    I don't know how to choose. They're all very nice! Here are my thoughts on each:

    1. Milo Charles

    Milo is so charming, & I love that it's after a literary character. I prefer Milo Henry, but if Charles is a special family name it's good too. The only drawback to Milo if we're knit-picking here, is that it might be tempting to call him 'Miley'. And that just reminds me of Miley Cyrus.

    2. Dexter Wolf

    This is adorable. Dexter is snazzy, & I especially love the nn Dex.

    3. Shepherd James

    I don't love this one for some reason. It's perfectly nice, just not my cup of tea. I do think that James is lovely, but it is kind of popular for a fn.

    4. Gideon Sage

    I don't usually care for Sage on a boy, but in the mn spot this is a handsome combo. Gideon is strong yet a little quirky. In a good way.

    5. Asher Lennon

    I *love* John Lennon, but I don't like the name because it reminds me of Lenin. I've always considered the name Winston, because it's John Lennon's mn. Asher is a nice name though, & Asher Lennon sounds pretty cool.

    My favorite might be Milo, but Asher & Dexter are close seconds.

    Hope this helps.
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    Asher is my favourite, followed by Milo

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    These are all beautiful combos!

    I especially love - in order of preference:

    Gideon Sage

    Milo Charles

    Asher Lennon

    The other two are also lovely but just not my style.

    Sorry I couldn’t pick just one!!

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    They're all gorgeous, but my favourite is Milo Charles!
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    Obviously I love Shepherd James, but Milo Charles is an extremely close second.
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