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Thread: Davina? Elowen?

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    I personally prefer Elowen, but I don't think Davina sounds like a character name! Someone very close to me is named Daveena, and she wears it very well

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    I slightly prefer Elowen Brooke, but I see the appeal of Davina, and the more I think about it, the more it grows on me. It is pretty and unexpected, but not "out there" or trying too hard. The "v" sound is very in right now, so it hits the "stands out fits" in sweet spot. Elowen seems to be rising in popularity right now, but Davina would be a timeless choice. I don't know what is meant by a character name, so I didn't think Davina Rose sounds like one. You have two lovely options and I agree with pps that they would make great sister names.
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    Elowen Rose is on my personal list, so I'm biased towards that. I love the name Elowen and I think Brook is nice with it as well.

    Although I prefer Elowen, I think Davina Rose is very pretty too! You can't really go wrong with either.

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    I prefer Davina. Davina Rose is lovely but if it’s too floral Davina Brooke is just as well.

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