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Thread: Davina? Elowen?

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    Davina? Elowen?

    Please share any input!

    Our front runner is Davina Rose, but I am afraid this may sound too much like a character name? Thoughts? My husband LOVES it.

    We also really like Elowen Brooke (pronounced EL-loh-wen), and are also open to other names. Our last name has two syllables and is super common.

    Thank you in advance!!
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    I prefer Davina but I think they can be great sibling names.
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    I prefer Elowen Brooke. I think it sounds more unique and pretty.
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    I prefer Elowen Brooke, but I also agree with pp who said they would make great sibling names.

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    I prefer Elowen. Maybe Davina with a different middle would make it sound less like a character.
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    If I could mix and match; Elowen Rose would be my pick. I'm not too keen on Brooke as it's rather dated to me, so Rose would be my choice for a middle name with Elowen if I were using your list.
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    Elowen Rose would be my first choice if it were an option, and I do prefer Elowen over Davina, BUT I don't think there's anything off-putting about Davina Rose. If he loves it (and you do too!) you should use it.
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    I actually like Davina Rose better. I think it’s beautiful! I also don’t think it sounds very character-like because Rose is a rather common middle name.
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