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Thread: Baby girl

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    Baby girl

    Expecting a baby girl in April
    Have 5 sons already, so really happy for a girl
    Already have,
    Michael John
    Dylan Alexander
    Colin Thomas
    Samuel Elijah, and
    Jacob Archer
    Any suggestions?
    I like Sophie Aleah, DH prefers Georgia Rose. Thanks so much everybody!

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    I adore Sophie Aleah! That is soo beautiful. Goes extremely well with the boys as well. Sophie GMV!

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    I also prefer Sophie Aleah; beautiful name!!! Maybe you can compromise a bit and do 2 middle names? Sophie Aleah Rose would be gorgeous!
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    Nice names all around!

    I'm really picky so these are the middle names I would choose for Sophie and Georgia (not that Aleah and Rose are horrible by any means):

    Sophie Jane
    Sophie/Georgia Mae
    Sophie Claire
    Sophie/Georgia Clementine
    Sophie Julia/Juliet
    Sophie Caroline
    Sophie Grace
    Sophie Madeline
    Sophie Cordelia
    Sophie Matilda
    Sophie Wren
    Sophie Lydia
    Sophie Margaret
    Sophie Delilah
    Sophie Claudia
    Sophie/Georgia Quinn
    Sophie Xandra
    Sophie Melia
    Georgia Maeve
    Georgia Violet
    Georgia Penelope
    Georgia Naomi

    Rose Aleah makes a really pretty name, too!

    Or other first name pairings with Rose and Aleah:
    Grace Aleah
    Juliet Rose
    Willa Rose
    Clementine Rose

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    I like Georgia better with your sibset. What about Rose or Leah as a fn though?

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    In your other post you already have daughters named Sophie Aleah and Georgia Rose, and you're expecting twins.

    Please, if you're going to troll the forums, keep it consistent!
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    Thank you @carysmarie! I thought I was the only one that noticed that.
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