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    I love Marigold with nickname Goldie, but I think I like Willa and stand-alone Goldie better as sisters.

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    I vote Goldie as a full name! She sounds lovely with her siblings
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    I love Willa and especially Judson!
    I would say go with Marigold just so when she grows up, she has something to fall back on if she thinks Goldie is too immature. Goldie could be a great stand alone name and goes very well with Willa and Judson!
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    Goldie can definitely work on her own she sounds fashionable & works with the nickname trend that everyone loves! Also I think Goldie sounds better on her own with Willa & Judson.
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    I think it can work on its own (Goldie Hawn is just Goldie, for instance) but I prefer it as a nickname. Marigold "Goldie" would be lovely.

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    I can see Goldie as a standalone because of Goldie Hawn.

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