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    Nov 2018
    If I had a daughter right this second I would name her Elliana Meredith

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    If I gave birth tomorrow I think I'd pick Nina Joann (Joann is my grandmother's name, I go back and forth over whether to use her real name as an honor name or a variant like Joanna because I prefer Joanna but I kind of want to use her same exact name.)
    Julia Catherine

    lifelong name nerd and future mother

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    Julia Pearl, without a doubt.

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    *Ronan Malachite* Vander Lynx (NN Van) * Sauron Jude * Atticus Lycos * Felix Legend * Thaddeus Wilder "Tad" * Xavier Lyons * Thane Wallace

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    @carysmarie Sienna Elsie is so pretty!

    June Carolina, Freya Halle Moon, Liliosa Mirabelle, Adelaide Honey,
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    Phoebe Rosalind. Really hope I get to use it in real life.
    Mommy to twins Arthur Robert and Jasper Steven 💞

    Thinking of: Phoebe Rosalind or Griffin Orlando



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    If I was going with my longtime love, Lucille Charlotte, called Lucy. If I were using a current crush, then Snow Lucille.
    Hazel Galilee • Palmer Elizabeth • Divine Beatrix • Lucille Charlotte • Stella Sunday • Winnie Harper • Magnolia Jane • Ramona Snow • Lilac Hosanna • Olive Marigold • Glow Susannah • Oakley Nell • Lennon Juniper

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    Right now; Adelina Joy.
    Teenberry | Amateur Photographer and editor | Human to cats Toffee & Fudge

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    Evelyn Marie. Ev for short. Evelyn just because I love it and Marie instead of Mary which is a family name.
    Future Daughters
    Sierra Marie ❤ Hazel Elizabeth ❤ Evelyn Claire ❤ Cora Louise

    Future Sons
    Hunter James ❤ Flynn Alexander ❤ Kai Benjamin ❤ Myles Theodore

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    Today I'd love a Nefertari Anouk or an Eve Aphrodite nn Nara or Evie
    lover of books, shawn mendes & karate
    "i got a long term plan with short term fixes"


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