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    My current first name loves for girls are Mavis and Sylvia. But my boyfriend is not a fan. However, I'd probably disregard that if I was suddenly in labour with no warning, and Mavis nn May would perhaps be a compromise, as May fits with the sort of names he likes. I would live Mavis Juliet, honouring my parents. I like the idea of two middles, one from each side of the family. As my partner would like to honour his grandmother, I like the sound of Mavis Juliet Margot. I'd probably take the time to think middle names through though
    Girls Names
    Mavis Sylvia Lyra Evadne Ilaria

    Girls Middles/Honours
    Juliet Margot Vera Celia Rosalie Eleanor

    Boys Names
    Elliot Griffin August Lysander Atticus

    Boys Middles/Honours
    Daniel Charles Jonas Piers Thomas

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    If it was my first, Orestina Lee Alani.

    If it wasn't my first, Matilda Isla Wilder (if I don't have a boy), Tegan Dorothy Kai, Yara Jane Jora and Elowen Carys Autumn are all in contention.

    Jora means "Autumn Rain". So if you love the meaning or connection of Autumn, but aren't as enamored with the name, maybe try to find a name with Autumn in the meaning or a name thought of as an "Autumn-themed" name.

    Orestina Lee Alani "Risa" ♥ Tegan Dorothy Kai "Teak" ♦ Yara Jane Jora ♥ Elowen Carys Autumn "Wendy"
    Todd Matthew Elias ♠ Jacob Micah Everett "Jake" ♣ Mark Atlas Scott ♠ Phineas Bodhi Bay "Finn"

    Other Names:
    Georgiana Lumi Frances ☻ Gwyneira Lily Wilder ☻ Indra Mae Carina ☻ Saskia Juniper Einara
    Amelia Stella Maris ☻ Sophia November Rose Jonathan Ardy Sewall ☻ Sebastian Oren Rain
    Jamison Fox Koray ☻ William Charon Grey ☻ Donald Christian Koa ☻ Peter Rinji Orion

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    Right now, probably Maeve Gwendolen.
    On my mind:

    Juno Marigold
    * Fern * Twila * Maude * Opal *

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    I’d chose Pandora Beatrix Fae, she’s been my favourite for years now, and I still love her.
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    Horatio Arthur • Nikolai Emrys • Prosper Kit • Ephraim Atticus • Cedrick Hugo • Ambrose Sage
    Evanthe Cherry • Zenobia Sahar • Morgana Hermione • Marigold Lyra • Lavender Athena • Calista Guinevere
    "'Mycroft' is the name you gave me; if you could possibly struggle all the way to the end.”

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    At this particular moment it would be either Alexandra Daphne
    Aurora Callisto or
    Calista Rose

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    I think Flora Maisie Olivia, but maybe Margot instead of Maisie.
    Flora Maisie Olivia
    Margot Phillipa Eve ❀ Elodie Harriet Grey
    ❀ Eliza Lavender Lily
    Adeline Vienna Pearl ❀ Viola Beatrix Alice
    Geneva Rosamund Poppy

    Hugo Jackson Kit
    August Theodore Leslie ☾ Casper Edmund Jem
    Bruno Christopher Sherlock
    Leon Sebastian Fox ☾ Oscar Dorian Louis
    Robin Alexander Thomas

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    I love the name Autumn! I'm also crushing on Clementine right now.

    A daughter born today would probably be Flora: Flora Beatrix (with husband's input), or Flora Guinevere if I were allowed free reign!

    I also adore the name Nell, but probably wouldn't use it as it's a diminutive of DD2's middle name.
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    Without worrying about usability issues with my country, I would name my daughter Beck Sloane. Runner ups, Jo, Cole and Cass.

    Sorry for my English. Its not my first language, and I try my best

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    Girls: Charlotte Elysia, Amelie Elena, Rowena Violet, Vivienne Darcy, Reina Hyacinth, Mavis Rhiannon, Athena Celeste, Demetria Pallas, Melina Lizette, Della Maris, Eva Hope, Chrysantha Marette, Fable Kerenza, Annika Niamh

    Boys: James David, Finnian Walter, Sam Everett, Ian Atticus, Lachlan Pierce, Ronin Vander, Emmett Andre, Remus Hayes, Kellen Daniel, Dashiell Caleb, Eli Joseph, Kieran Oslo, Henri James, Marko Ellison, Adlai Stephen

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