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    Naming just one daughter is a piece of cake. Five was way harder! She's be Guinevere Daisy.
    Fur mommy to Amelia Skye, Artemis Sebastian & Fiona Beatrix

    Favorite girls: Guinevere, Daisy, Clementine, Greta, Eleanor, Adeline, Felicity

    Favorite boys: Colm, Ewan, Julian, Shiloh, Nolan

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    Definitely Luna Florence!

    luna florence | briar daveena | ophelia "fifi" june
    willow katherine | octavia hermione

    perseus "percy" james | harley orpheus | spencer rodney
    dean sirius | charlie phoenix

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    Naming a baby girl now and I’m thinking Marleigh Kate or Sienna Rhosyn. If my daughter wasn’t Eloise Harlow it would be Eloise Arden and I would’ve named this baby Harley or Harlow.

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    This is tough!

    Alice Wednesday or Oona Maeve
    Ada: Ailis: Alice: Etta : Fleur: Florence: Frances: Ida: Iona: Juno: Maeve: Octavia: Oona: Rose: Wednesday
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    I’m loving;

    Dinah Faye
    Tessa Madeleine
    ...and Mabel, but I don’t have a middle yet.
    *Levi Tait, Anya Jeannette and Naomi Wren*

    Claire ~ Tessa Madeleine ~ Heidi

    Judson Bennet - Milo Judson - Ezra

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    I already have Kate Freya Juliet. Another baby girl would be Mila Lilith Elizaveta.
    Finn, Leo, and Kate <3

    Declan (or Mason) Bartholomew Hades

    Mila Lilith Elizaveta

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    Ginny Florence
    Faye Thessaly if my husband didnt have a say
    Olive Margaret / 21.10.18

    Ginny Florence
    Fay Marigold
    Cleo Seraphina

    Dustin James
    Grady Stefan
    Chester Maxwell

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    Hard to choose, but right this moment....

    Either: Lyra Josephine, Daphne Alice, Clementine Elise, Theodora Felicity, Juniper Alice, or Flora Daphne.... probably something with Alice as the middle name for my grandmother. Also maybe Cassandra, since my mom is Sandra.... it's hard to pick!

    Also, Holly Marie would be a strong contender. Holly is one of my long time favorite names, as is Eleanor nm Nell.

    Adelaide Primrose | Lyra Josephine | Guinevere Alice | Daphne Grace | Clementine Eliza | Winifred Iris | Theodora Felicity | Juniper Elodie | Nell Beatrice | Luna Margaret | Flora Delphine | Aurelia Skye | Phoebe Eleanor | Maeve Emmeline | Rosamund Eve | Ophelia Scout | Ffion Penelope | Gwendoline Faye | Cordelia Brynn

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    I'd go with Anne Desdemona or Winifred Lark!

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