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  • Elliott and Rosalie

    15 62.50%
  • Elliott and Rosalind

    5 20.83%
  • Elliott and Rafferty (m)

    14 58.33%
  • Elliott and Raphael

    7 29.17%
  • Estelle and Rosalie

    17 70.83%
  • Estelle and Rosalind

    6 25.00%
  • Estelle and Rafferty (m)

    9 37.50%
  • Estelle and Raphael

    10 41.67%
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    Hypothetical sibling names

    I don't know if the poll feature will allow this to work, but I might as well try. I don't think that some of my names work well as siblings, but I want to get some outside perspective. If it works properly, vote for one of the Elliott and [girl], Elliott and [boy], Estelle and [girl], Estelle and [boy] options. If it doesn't work properly, I guess just vote for your favorite siblings and respond with the other combos?

    The siblings are:
    Elliott and Rosalie
    Elliott and Rosalind
    Elliott and Rafferty
    Elliott and Raphael

    Estelle and Rosalie
    Estelle and Rosalind
    Estelle and Rafferty
    Estelle and Raphael
    Elliott Stan - Rafferty Alexander
    Estelle Susannah - Rosalie Arden
    Nathaniel Asher - Malachi Frank - Xavier Otto
    Cyrus Eliezer - Damian Magnus - Oscar Saul - Jonah Wyatt
    Lucille Isadora - Clara Miriam - Josephine Ruth
    Vivian Sadie - Cassandra Elana - Delilah Magna - Violet Annelise

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    Elliott and Rafferty
    Elliot and Rosalie
    Estelle and Rafferty
    Estelle and Rosalind

    I don't like Estelle and Raphael because they rhyme.
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    Your picks are all gorgeous, but my choices would be:

    Elliott and Rosalind
    Elliott and Rafferty

    Estelle and Rosalie
    Estelle and Raphael

    Smart, snappy, slightly buttoned-up names to go with Elliott, and fluid names with a hint of French influence to go with Estelle.
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    Elliott and Raphael and Estelle and Raphael are my favourites!
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    My votes go to:

    Elliott and Rosalie (cute and fitting)
    Elliott and Rafferty (so handsome)
    Estelle and Rosalie (gorgeous)
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