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    Love Annabelle and Charlotte together! I think it fits better with the stye of Charlotte.
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    I vote Emily

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    I like Annabelle. Emily is a classic but has been in the top 10 since 1991 (in the US) so feels a little bit like it belongs in the last generation.
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    My vote is definitely for Annabelle!!

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    I vote Emily. It's fairly common but for good reason: it's beautiful, elegant and in my opinion, timeless. I love Emily on its own and paired with Charlotte.

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    I definitely prefer Annabelle -- with Charlotte and on its own. I think it's such a beautiful and elegant name (especially this spelling) and has a similar feel to Charlotte. Emily is overused where I live.
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    Charlotte and Annabelle are perfect together.
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    I adore both options, but I'd say Annabelle and Charlotte are my favourite pairing!
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    I like Annabelle Emily! I would put Annabelle first since it matches Charlotte in length, but really either sounds good because Emily although fewer letters still has the same syllables.
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    Annabelle for me; though with the Annabel spelling as Annabelle is a little too fussy IMO. Annabel and Charlotte sound perfect together! I also really like the suggestion of Annabel Emily as a combination if you're still undecided between the two.
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