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    Emily or Annabelle to go with Charlotte?

    I’m struggling between Emily and Annabelle for Charlotte’s sister’s name...

    I think Charlotte is elegant, classy, classic and timeless, with beautiful and sweet pronunciation. I decided to use this name without any hesitation at that time.

    Which pair is the most matching to Charlotte, matching maybe in terms of whether they both share similar feeling (elegant, classy, classic and timeless), how they sound together, etc., I don’t know...

    And as well as looking at the names individually (not in a pair with Charlotte), Emily vs. Annabelle, which one would be more preferable?

    Any thoughts would be highly appreciated! Thanks all!

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    Tough one, especially as all these names mesh well for me due to the Brontë sister associate (Charlotte, Emily and Anne Brontë- and they also used Bell as an alias surname!)

    I think I like Annabelle best here! It has lenght and elegance
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    I think both Emily and Annabelle share the same classic, elegant feel as Charlotte. Emily feels slightly more of a classic to me though. They are both nice sisters to Charlotte. I do think my vote will go to Annabelle though.
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    Definitely Annabelle!
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    This is a tough one, they are both really nice. I think I'll say Annabelle though, I like how the length matches Charlotte. But you really can't go wrong with either one.

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    Annabelle and Charlotte are darling together.
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    I agree - Annabelle.

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    My favourite is Annabelle out of the two names I find Emily slightly dated would prefer Emmeline. Annabelle is pretty, elegant and has a range of gorgeous nicknames. Prefer spelling Annabel though.
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    I prefer Annabelle, though I think Emily is possibly a better fit with Charlotte in terms of style and popularity. Annabelle is a lot less common, and less consistently popular.

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    I think Charlotte & Emily is perfection!
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