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    Emily and Charlotte are sisters in the TV show Revenge. I don't think it was so popular that it should tip the balance either way but I thought it may be interesting that there is a sib set of that name in pop culture.
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    Very much appreciate your comments, but it’s really tough to make a decision!

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    Annabelle seems perfect with sister Charlotte! Emily is a lovely choice too and you really can't go wrong, but I'd go with Annabelle.
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    I LOVE Anabelle! I would use it but I regretfully named my dog anabelle

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    I very much appreciate all comments. It's really hard to choose, especially some opinions are quite opposite...
    I feel I'm leaning toward Annabelle! But still a little bit unsure about my feeling...

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    I would say Emily!

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    Annabelle and Charlotte make a great match, and they're certainly the more current sibset of the two options. I think most modern parents would choose Annabelle over Emily, which seems to be waning in popularity compared to Emma. But there's something sweetly vintage about Charlotte and Emily, and I do think Emily is a slightly more classic name. I also sort of like the mismatched lengths here... less matchy-matchy. So my vote is Emily!

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    Need more opinions please! Many thanks!

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    Both are absolutely lovely names and go really well with Charlotte. That being said, my choice would be Annabelle (though I prefer the Annabel spelling) because of the sheer amount of Emily’s I know of every age. Seriously, there’s just so many.

    Side note: I think it’s kind of cool how both names would have a Brontë connection with you’re daughter’s (Charlotte, Anne, and Emily Brontë)
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    Charlotte and Annabelle are gorgeous together!
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