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    Emily or Annabelle to go with Charlotte?

    I’m struggling between Emily and Annabelle for Charlotte’s sister’s name...

    I think Charlotte is elegant, classy, classic and timeless, with beautiful and sweet pronunciation. I decided to use this name without any hesitation at that time.

    Which pair is the most matching to Charlotte, matching maybe in terms of whether they both share similar feeling (elegant, classy, classic and timeless), how they sound together, etc., I don’t know...

    And as well as looking at the two names individually, Emily vs. Annabelle, which one would be more preferable?

    Any thoughts would be highly appreciated! Thanks all!
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    I think Annabelle
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    I agree that Annabelle is the perfect match for Charlotte's sister. This pairing feels quite regal to me.
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    Annabelle. I think it's beautiful and elegant!
    While Emily is definitely a classic at the moment it does feel pretty 2000s/90s since it was so extremely popular back then. I don't think it'd ever go out of style, but right now it feels a bit overdone.
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    Annabelle for sure! Charlotte and Annabelle both have a very southern belle feel to them!

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    I think both names work well with Charlotte (and feel classic, beautiful, and sweet) so you can't go wrong, but I personally prefer Annabelle. As others have pointed out, Emily had a (long) moment so Annabelle feels a bit more fresh.

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    Very much appreciate your comments, but it’s really tough to make a decision!

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    Both work really well with Charlotte as they have sweet, “proper” vibes to them. Emily and Charlotte seem like a perfect, almost predictable match, partly because Emily is a very popular name and Charlotte is very trendy. Annabelle fits the style of Charlotte but is slightly more surprising, in a good way. I am also biased toward nn Belle because I am loving it so much lately. I should mention I’m in the US so that affects my view of these pairings. Really you can’t go wrong with either.

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    Thank you! Any more opinions? This is really tough!

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