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    While Morgan is more common for girls, it has history as a boys' name and some familiarity. There are also male Morgans in media like the one on Criminal Minds (although it's his last name, it definitely has helped me see the name more easily on a boy or man). If you really like it, I think you should go for it! For names that are known to be unisex, it's all about who you know or know of with that name. Even if people have met more female Morgans, they know it's a unisex name and meeting a little male Morgan will give people a new association. For instance, while I know Kendall is a unisex name I had only known girls with that name but Kendall Roy on the tv show Succession made me think of it as more male.
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    I really like Morgan for a boy, in fact I prefer it. I first saw it on Criminal Minds (he did go by his last name but it still fit well). In my ears, Morgan has a masculine sound to it anyway. Handsome and underused.

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    I think girls names should be allowed for boys :-) I love Jayne on a boy.

    As for Morgan, totally. A boy in my class was called Morgan. It's a very unisex name to me.

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