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    Exclamation Fertility Tracking Apps

    Did any of you use fertility tracking apps to help get pregnant? I've been using Ovia, Eve and Glow and they seem to be reading different results and I've been logging information for one year. I just downloaded Ovia because I've heard good things. Can anyone confirm their success with its tracking ability? Is there another app I could try using?

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    I use Kindara, which is used by most people I know that track their fertility for birth control. I have used it to successfully TTA for over two years, and will be using it to TTC later in the year. I like it the most out of the fertility apps I’ve looked at because it’s easy to ready and allows a lot of custom data.

    In general though, any apps that allow you to track your basal body temp and cervical fluid will help you conceive as you can observe your most fertile periods. Apps that work merely on predicting ovulation and bleeding are not worth the time, as they are solely based on algorithms and not your body’s fertility signs.
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    I've been using Flo, I really like it so far. You can track a lot of information it it. I have heard good things about Ovia too though I didn't download it yet.
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