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    Lightbulb Name for a Perfectionist College Student Character

    Hello all! I'm in an RP (roleplay) with some friends that has a college setting, so all of our OCs are college students. Mine is a pre-med male student, who is minoring in neuroscience. So he's very ambitious but also a perfectionist. He wants perfect grades and feels like he needs to be the best of the best at everything to have self worth. He's a stressed, overworked kid. I think he's going to be charismatic and caring, but a little too overwhelmed at the moment to really help the freshman assigned to him as peer mentor. Maybe some Steve from Stranger Things exasperated babysitter vibes.

    Right now I'm leaning towards the name Auden, with Shepherd as a close second. I love occupational names and names ending in -n (especially is they also start with a vowel.) Arden is also kind of cool. I also considered Stellan, which I really like, except my cat's name is Stella, so I don't know if I'll be able to break that association. Not a total deal breaker, though.

    Other names I put into the name generator in my search include Alistair, Holden, and Finch.

    Do you guys like Auden or is it too out there? Do you like Stellan more, or Shepherd? Any other first name suggestions, or surnames to go with your favorite first name?

    Thanks, friends!
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    I like Holden the most. Auden sounds okay, Shepherd is good too. Alistair and Finch are both too hippie vibes, you know? But if he's a hippie, I would go with that. Holden just sounds the most...studious. I prefer Stella for a girl to be honest but I could possibly see it for a boy.
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    @cora_mae thank you! I actually meant Stellan and have just now realized my phone was autocorrecting it. So I've edited it to be the correct name! So Stellan, not Stella. I do like Holden, but afraid it's too associated with Catcher In The Rye. What do you think?
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    Love Alistair and Holden! As for Stella, maybe Stellan or Sterling would be better masculine alternatives?

    For these kinds of characters, I usually prefer classic or literary names like Henry, Augustus, Thomas, William, Atticus, Matthias, Nathaniel, etc.

    But here are names like Holden/Auden:

    Hope this helps out!

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    I quite like Alistair actually. Not sure this will help, but names that come to my mind when seeing your description (of a completely different style than the names you listed), are: Seraphimus/ Sophronius, Yosef (not sure about that one), Theodore, Rosseau, Johnathan, Giovanni, Fabrizio, Donatello, Constantine, and Atlas. Again, I don't think that's very helpful since it's just what I think and the names you suggested are of a way different style.
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    @smnthphylls thanks! Like I said to cora_mae I actually meant to say Stellan in the first place but autocorrect changed it to the feminie form. Those are good suggestions, thanks!

    @aurelius! Thank you! Yeah, those are a different sort of vibe than I'm drawn to, but it's really interesting to hear what you would name this type of character! I do like the name Theodore, but I already have a character with that name haha. And I like Yosef, but I don't think for ths character. Atlas is a neat idea.

    Alistair seems to be the most popular choice. I didn't want to go with that one in particular because our family friend has a four year old names Alistair and I associated it so much with him. But I could go with another variation like the Scottish Alasdair? I do like a lot of A names.
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    One of the things you're lucky with here is that Shepherd is also a last name. Sometimes, when I face this kind of dilemma, with two names I like a lot, I decide to put one as the middle name and one as the first name. For example, I was working on something yesterday where there's four siblings, three brothers and a sister, and I already knew that the three brothers' first names were Nigel, Alphonse (Al), and Isidore(Izzy or Dore). (Maybe you'd consider one of these names too?). I was trying to decide between Martha, Louisa, and Edith for the sister when I realized she needed a middle name anyway so I dropped Edith because both Martha and Edith have that prominent TH sound and I liked Martha with the brothers' names better, and so the sister's name is Martha Louisa W. (of course, I had to then go find middle names for the brothers, but you get my point). It's even better when one of the names I'm deciding can also be a surname, because then you have your character's full name.

    So your character's entire name can be Stellan Shepherd or Auden Shepherd if you wish.

    I don't think Auden is too out there. It's a poet's name, so you can justify it by being a literary choice by his parents, adding to his studiousness. Holden feels studious too, but it's not an association I'd probably make with the Holden I knew growing up. I saw Augustus and Nolan on someone else's post and I think those are good suggestions too. Theodore from someone else's post is good too. I generally associate many traditional boys' names as being serious, which I personally associate seriousness with studiousness, but that's just me.
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    Auden fits well!

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