View Poll Results: which pairing do you like best for 2 pet rats?

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  • pomeline and calliope

    3 33.33%
  • pomeline and aurelia

    0 0%
  • pomeline and iridessa

    0 0%
  • pomeline and maple

    1 11.11%
  • moona and maple

    2 22.22%
  • cedar and cypress

    2 22.22%
  • willy and waverly

    0 0%
  • matilda and emmeline

    0 0%
  • lacey and lilah

    0 0%
  • opal and ottalie

    1 11.11%
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    a name to go with pomeline

    curious on opinions because I am hoping to get 2 (female) pet rats sometime soon. I already know I want to name one Pomeline, and curious on what you think goes well with that?

    I like Calliope best, and am also considering: Iridessa, Aurelia, Maple, and Amaryllis.

    I also like some pairings that do not include Pomeline, so please vote in the poll and leave suggestions!!

    (by the way, my previous rats from years ago were Maisy and Daisy!)

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    Marceline, Opal, May, Georgia, Lydia, Eliora, Madelaine.

    Sorren, Abel, Solomon, Isaac, Seth, Isaiah, Cyrus.

    Guilty Pleasures:

    Wednesday, Maple, Pomeline, Scottie, Clove, Winter, Bell.

    Kipper, Ash, Theo.

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    Such cute names! I like Pomeline and Calliope, Willy and Waverly, and Opal and Ottilie.
    Mama to Beatrix

    Current favorite:
    Winifred Daisy Dot

    Dorothy Belle ۰ Mabel Violet ۰ Frances Eloise
    Winifred Daisy ۰ Rosemary Alice ۰ Louisa May
    Josephine West ۰ Prudence Marigold ۰ Harriet Ruby ۰ Pippa Lavender

    Archie Theodore ۰ Linus Arthur ۰ Casper Milo
    Ernest George ۰ Harry Oscar ۰ Fritz Albert
    August Rowan ۰ Rex Barnaby ۰ Reuben Leo ۰ Alfie Rupert

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    I like Moona and Maple the best.
    Teen Berry
    Planning ahead, not expecting just yet

    Mariposa Lilac "Posy" 🌹 Rhiannon Wisteria 🌹 Seraphina Lavender 🌹 Vivienne Tigerlily

    Dashiell Finn "Dash" 🌹 Rowan Jude "Row" 🌹 Archer Miles "Arch"

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    I love Pomeline and Calliope!

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