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    Names for Female Dilute Calico Kitten

    Hi everyone!

    Hubby and I just adopted a new kitten and would like to get some opinions on our name ideas so far. She is a 6 month old dilute calico with some tabby markings and a gorgeous face. If you google "dilute calico tabby" you will get an idea of her colors.

    We have a cat named Daisy, so we were trying to think of other flower names, but we're not set on flower names, it's just a possibility.

    Right now our top two ideas are:

    Tiramisu (nn Tira)
    Jasmine (possibly Jazzy or Jazz nn)

    Some other ideas that are further down the list right now:

    Nyla or Nailah (after an Egyptian Princess)

    We don't want another super common flower name so no Lily or Rosie. As of right now, I think Tira (Tiramisu) is winning, but we would love some other opinions. We are also open to brand new suggestions.

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    How about Poppy for her colours? Or, if she has orange on her she may suit Ginger. Another possibility, Paisley.

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    Thank you for your suggestions! We liked Poppy and tried it out, but just couldn't get it to stick. The same thing happened with all of the names I listed in my original post.

    Then out of nowhere I thought of Leila (LAY-la) and it just felt perfect for her.
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    flower names: lavender (nn lavi), zinnia, iris, ivy, peony (nn pia), dandelion (nn dandy), fleur.

    others I think are cute with Daisy: willa, ollie, farrah, quinna, marley.
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    Wednesday, Maple, Pomeline, Scottie, Clove, Winter, Bell.

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