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    Question Pair of names for twin girls?

    So for my current WIP, there are these two girls who are technically the same person but different halves but for simplicity's sake, I'm just calling them twins.

    Anyways, I can't think of any names that would go well with each other and I also want to have the meanings behind them correlate, which is where I'm struggling finding options.

    So as far as their personalities go, one girl is the antagonist of the story and the other is the protagonist's kind of mentor/moral compass. They're constantly opposing each other, after they were originally split into two different people, each one magnifying a different half of the original girl.

    As far as the style/origin of the names, I'm open to pretty much anything!

    Any name ideas (even for the original girl) would be much appreciated!

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    Savannah and Prairie came to mind

    Teen Berry
    Planning ahead, not expecting just yet

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    Daphne and Laura (both have the meaning 'laurel tree', seems to fit in that both characters are an offshoot of the original girl)
    Margot and Greta (both derived from the name Margaret)
    Linnea and Tamsin (not very subtle, but both mean 'twin')

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    Names that mean dark or black or night:

    Carey or Kerry
    Kali- the name of a Hindu goddess associated with death and destruction
    Raven or Ravenna
    Luna/ Lune
    Mallory- means “unfortunate”
    Desdemona- means “ill-fated, unfortunate”
    Deirdre- possibly meaning “sorrow”
    Artemis or Artemisia- Greek goddess of the hunt and wild animals
    Aeron- a Welsh name which could be derived from Celtic goddess Agrona, of war and carnage; her names means “battle, slaughter”

    Names that mean light or day or sun:

    Elia- the feminine form of Elio possibly meaning “sun”
    Alessandra- means “defender of men” or “defending men”

    If you’re still looking for more, Behind the Name has a list of names catalogued by themes.

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    Amabel & Ramona (beautiful and brilliant)

    Durie & Aubin (black and white)

    Gaia & Moira/Cordelia (earth and sea)

    Melanie & Phoebe (dark and light)

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    Bailey/Hannah (law enforcer/grace)
    Sinclair/Monique (free man/advisor)
    Hera/Persia (protectress/place name)
    Cosima/Isadora (beauty/gift of the throne)
    Esmeralda/Aphrodite (emerald/goddess)
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    Thanks for all the ideas, y'all!
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