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    Wylie for a Girl?

    I suggested Wylie before for a boy and my husband said no. He mentioned it for a girl the other day and I kind of really like it.

    I'm worried about what people will think, though. I've only ever heard it as a boy name. What do you think?

    Also, Wylie or Wiley?

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    I've seen Wyatt on a girl and there's the more popular Kylie and Riley bring used so I think it could reminds me a bit of Twyla and Eisley too

    Wylie looks more feminine to me.

    Wylie Rose/Wylie-Rose, Wylie-May/Wylie May or Wylie Jane as sort of double names would make it more obviously feminine but it's up to you
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    I think Wylie works really well on a girl (with that spelling)

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    This is surprisingly lovely! Yes, yes, yes.

    I prefer the "Wylie" spelling.
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    Really weird. I came on here to look up threads on Wylie for a girl and you just posted this and its one of the first threads I see. Crazy

    We are naming our girl, due in May, Wylie. There has been a decent amount of backlash. But also multiple people really have fallen in love with it.

    I posted asking for middle name help on Babycenter baby name group and got over 200 comments of people absolutely HATING it. They also said to spell it Wiley if I must name her that because "made up spellings are stupid". But Wylie is a legitimate spelling and I feel it relates the name more to the River Wylyle and takes it a bit further from the word Wily that has a fairly negative connotation (which doesn't bother me)…

    But I have done my "research" and feel comfortable giving her the name regardless of what a bunch of internet people say.

    I have messaged a bunch of girl Wylie/Wiley/Wylee's on Instagram to see what they think of their name. I know, super creepy. But I really wanted to be thorough. LOL

    Everyone that replied said they LOVE their name. One said she was "indifferent" growing up because she had never heard it before. But now that she is in her 20s she absolutely loves it. One said she "loves it. now" as she had a lot of teachers and baristas call out "willy" when she was younger. But now that shes older she owns it.

    One said that she's obsessed with her name. It gives her a sense of confidence and ownership.

    Many of them said they get the "wile .e coyote reference a decent amount of the time but it is ALWAYS from an older person. And they are being friendly and trying to be funny. It did not bother most of the girls I messaged.

    One woman I messaged had a 6 year old Wylie. She said she has zero regrets. And her daughter loves being the only Wylie she knows. She said she does have to correct people from Riley but it has taught her daughter to stand up for herself and speak up when people are wrong.

    Sorry this is so long, just figured you'd want to have all of the info that I have acquired.

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    I don't like it, but that's ok. If you love it, you have every right to use it. I do think that pp's mention of 200+ messages disliking the name should be mention to pause and reflect, because I do think it would be a rather polarizing choice (you'd either love it or hate it)... but the trend of boys' names on girls is generally rather polarizing (I'm a flaming feminist, so I am not a fan... you'll find others on here who love the trend). So if you love it, go ahead, but go in with your eyes open. Just as a side note, I get the feeling that Babycenter has a somewhat different vibe.

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    I do prefer it on a boy, but it's usable on a girl. I wouldn't mind being called Wylie as a girl.
    I'd go for the Wylie spelling, the other one's too close to Riley and it'd end up in her name getting mixed up with Riley even more often.
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    I can’t edit my comment. But just wanted to clarify.

    The thread on BabyCenter is 200+ comments long. But many of the comments are me replying and people trying to help with middle name suggestions. It wasn’t 200 individual people hating it. Definitely should have worded that differently. There were a few people in that thread that liked it.

    Also BabyCenter Name Group people are ruthless. They do not hold back. And they seem to dislike any “trendy” sounding name and ANY boy names on girls. So keep that in mind.

    But if you are someone who is super concerned about what people will think, this might not be the name for you. I’d try throwing the name out to a few loved ones and people that you value their opinion and see how the name is received. My family LOVES the name. That’s what is important to me, personally.

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    I'm not really a fan of the name in general, and I'm not a fan of the male names on girls trend, either...but it's not the worst. That being said, I agree with pp in that a lot of people likely won't like it so if that will bother you I would pick something else.

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    It's sweet, it's quirky, and I think it could work really well for a girl. There's nothing all too 'outrageous' about the name, so I think if you and your husband really like it, then by all means, go for it!

    I prefer Wylie, to Wiley - Wiley does feel a lot like someone with a speech impediment saying Riley. I also think you'd less often be called 'Willy' with the Wylie spelling, than you may if it were spelled Wiley.

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